Lead UX/UI Designer

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Sunday, 22 March 2020 - 5:00pm

We are an impact driven team on a mission to help people build fulfilling careers. We believe that every one of us can have a lot more control in how, where and what we work on. Alto intend to be the infrastructure behind this, empowering each person to shape their world.

We operate with agile and lean principles to deliver the best product we can, focusing on strong team culture and practises. We have a single product focus, enabling all attention to be on great product development and delivery in a sector in need of change! We believe in providing creative freedom and seek to create rich dialogue across the team to solve collective challenges.

Design and user experience (UX) are at the heart of Alto. We believe great design wraps all functional and emotional experiences into one cohesive user journey which can be delightful, provocative and elegant. As a UX Designer, you will take complex concepts and tasks, transforming them into intuitive, accessible and easy-to-use designs for people everywhere. You will lead the design of a new career application with the opportunity and freedom to redefine what great design looks and feels like. The application has the goal of developing a person’s awareness of what careers they find fulfilling, evoking a suite of positive emotional experiences that empowers them to pursue these careers while providing the learning opportunities to upskill and optimise their success in their career pursuits.

Key Responsibilities:
• Lead the UX/UI of the Alto Career App with immense care for each user.
• Test continually with real users to gather feedback on the design of the app.
• Translate abstract ideas into tangible design elements.
• Work with the team & advisers to create new design experiments bringing behavioural science into the design process.
• Strategise, brainstorm, and define new features as part of our service offerings.

We’re all about attitude! We are looking for candidates who bring the right mindset, energy and passion. The attributes we are looking for are:
• A user mindset completing all work with care for our users out of respect for what they deserve.
• Awareness of what makes you tick and the unique strengths that you bring to the table.
• Willingness to unleash your imagination and bring to life your unique view.
• A hunger to learn and question the status quo.
• A love of people, excited to meet and collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders.
• Willingness to take risks, to experiment and to fail.
• A desire to bring clarity to the team by keeping things simple.

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