Reach Game Studios Pty. Ltd. - Programmers, Animators, Designers, UI, more


Reach Game Studios Pty. Ltd. is currently seeking a number of positions to be filled. These positions are remote positions:

UI Designer(s) / Coders
Reach Game Studios is currently seeking a talented, fresh UI designer to bring a fresh new take on user interface and the user experience for a first-person shooter. We want the player to spend their time interacting with our world, not staring at menus. The candidate will be working on implementing a smart, sleek interface that presents info to players as needed and not when it’s not pertinent.

Familiarity with C++ and the Unreal Engine pipeline is a plus.

World Designers
Reach Game Studios is searching for a world designer to rule our worlds. Building huge, inter-connected, lively worlds is a main pillar of our vision for Apathy, and we need talented world designers to work with level designers, artists, and the engineering team, and come up with engaging, living and breathing worlds that not only look and play great, but meet memory and technical limitations too.

Level Designers
Reach Game Studios is currently seeking level designers to join our talented level design team to work on the various crusades and adventures our players will explore. Level designers will work hand-in-hand with the world design team to ensure consistency between products and also with the design and art teams to ensure.

Both designers focusing on competitive multiplayer gameplay and designers working on cooperative open-world levels are sought.

Systems Designer
Numbers make the world go around, and Apathy has a ton of worlds, so we need a ton of numbers.

As a systems designer you’ll be focusing on the nuts and bolts of each of our systems — from loot, weapons, armour, progrssion, health and damage, just to name a few. You’ll have had experience working on complex, multi-layered systems and know your way around code and spreadsheets.

Combat Designer
Know what makes a player tick? Good. That’s what we’re looking for in our combat designers. You’ll be using your knowledge of player psychology and game logic to come up with exciting combat encounters for players to experience in our world.

In addition to simply placing and devising combat encounters you’ll be working with the level, systems and world teams to create exciting new enemies, creatures and characters in our world, each with their own sets of moves and abilities that will help or hinder players.

Localization/String Expert
The stringier the cheese the better. Same goes with our videogame. A deep story-based game needs a lot of text. And a lot of text means a lot of strings. You’re an organised, well-spoken and well-written person who will be working with the UI, writing, and tech team to manage the mass amounts of strings both for our game and the various services that power it.

You’ll be working with localisation partners to ensure those strings are localised and implemented in game as required.

You’ll have had experience with batch processing and spreadsheets, in order to present the final strings in the various states they need to be in.

Senior Console Programmer
Do you know the Xbox and PlayStation inside out? We’re looking for an experienced games programmer who has worked with the Xbox and PlayStation ecosystems to bring our game to those platforms, and integrate with the various APIs as required. You’ll have had years of experience working with C++ and implementing third-party libraries, and have had tons of experience working with the nuts and bolts of various engines (bonus points for Unreal experience).

Bonus points for those with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 porting and development experience.

Technical Artists and Animators:
The characters, creatures, and environments of Apathy need animations to come to life. Have you had experience rigging and animating for games? If so you’re just what we’re after. You’ll be working with our art and design teams to come up with highly-detailed rigs and animations for the various creatures in our world as required, while keeping to memory and other constraints.

To apply: Send an email to with the subject line being the job you are applying for. Make sure to include a portfolio of your work where appropriate and past work examples. If you are applying for a level design role, please include a level design documentation sample where possible.


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Souri, could you please take this down, as the advertising studio has no funding and no paying jobs available. It's another Figurehead in the making.

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Let me follow this up. If these aren't paid positions, then I will remove it.

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I turned up plenty of red flags, but the only one that matters is the ASIC search. It showed the entity under which the jobs were advertised (Reach Game Studios Pty Ltd) was cancelled in May, and therefore cannot legally enter into any kind of contract.

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Hey there,

Just to get in touch and let you know that all submissions for these positions are for full, salaried positions.


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Your website employment section says you have roughly 21+ vacancies (counting all positions and extra for ones where multiple vacancies are listed) with job descriptions looking for mid to expert level developers with previous console development experience to work on next gen projects. Your current staff count is 6. Your company has no track record so a publisher is unlikely to fund a console project of that size when your current team is so small. Can you please specify the nature of those positions such as full-time, part-time, contract etc? How will all those wages be provided, where the company funding is coming from and what basis will it be paid? weekly, fortnightly or monthly? Or is this a revenue share agreement where nobody gets paid until the project is complete and the game makes royalties?