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Generalist Programmer

Job Position

At Lamplight Forest we are pioneering new forms of musical and narrative gameplay. We are seeking open-minded, positive, adaptable and creative applicants to work on our musical adventure game Pallas of Vines.

• Experienced with C# and Unity
• Have contributed significantly to at least one commercially released game for PC or current generation consoles
• High level of skills in gameplay dynamics. Skilled in coding dynamic movement and physics for avatars, NPCs and cameras
• Deep understanding of Unity’s Rigid bodies, Character Controllers, LateUpdate, FixedUpdate etc
• Skilled in optimisations such as load times, memory, and performance. Ability to effectively work with artists to profile and optimise any related assets
• Experienced in setting up and maintaining a version control system

Bonus Points:
• A passionate gamer with a thorough knowledge of a wide range of games and genres
• Experience with puzzle, narrative or music games is an extra bonus

• Able to balance taking direction as well as personal initiative, to problem-solve gameplay and technical issues
• Strong verbal and written communication skills
• Good team communication skills
• Work well with artists and leads in giving and receiving constructive feedback
• Adaptable to change, open to experimentation when needed
• Patient and diligent in cleaning up prototype code, responding to bug reports, etc
• Work consciously with artists and leads to understand and implement the game’s vision
• Able and willing to learn to use new tools/skills, and identify where new tools could be applied and/or developed

• Freelance work-for-hire. Start date TBD
• Send a CV and folio with examples of your work to al(at)lamplightforest(dot)com