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Lead Programmer

Job Position

Playcorp Stuidos is looking for a Senior Lead Programmer with proven Game Industry experience to help our team manage our team.
We're looking for someone who drives the programming team to their full potential while being on top of all programming tasks and deadlines.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
- Reporting to producers and creative leads on software timelines, resources and code progress.
- Leading the programming team responsible for creating all the computer code which runs and controls the game.
- Reviewing the technical specification of the game and managing and overseeing all code development.
- Working in an Agile development environment.
- Creating and assigning tasks for programmers to implement and use any newly developed systems created by the Software Engineer effectively.
- Be cognizant and informed of all programming roles at all times.
- Reviewing code developed by other team members and ensure style-guide compliance and that code is extensible and maintainable.
- QA testing of other team members’ task submissions.
- Debugging issues in the game.
- Stay up to date with latest development techniques and see how they can improve current design and workflow.
- Hands on problem solving and/or mentor to programmers when required.
- Any other duties requested that fall within the abilities of the employee.

Requirements and experience:
- At least 5 years of professional game development experience.
- Advanced programming, software architecture and software design skills.
- Previous experience with Unity 3D.
- Be approachable and listen to what people need and want from all game stakeholders.
- Be able to communicate ideas and visions to the programming team.
- Be able to inspire and motivate the programming team.
- Exceptional people management and communications skills including tact and diplomacy.
- Proven driver of teams leading to highly successful outcomes.

Company Information
Playcorp is a seasoned game development studio based in Melbourne Australia, with production and marketing offices in LA. We are currently are working on a number of games for the PC, Console and Mobile platforms for a worldwide audience. We work with some of the industry’s most noteworthy and experienced game developers, producers and artists.

We’re looking for talented individuals that are like minded in creating beautifully designed and aesthetically pleasing art and features. Because we are a relatively small company, any knowledge in game design will greatly help with your work. We want everyone to feel like they have ownership of their role and work and take control of it’s direction, with feedback of course.

Working with us you'll get to be a part of our wonderful shared workplace managed by The Cluster. The office is home to other brilliant companies and friendly faces that are always willing to have a chat. They host weekly lunches and events frequently and have snacks out everyday and don’t forget the free drinks networking night every last Friday of the month.

Thank you for taking an interest in our company and reading through this!
If you'd like more information, email or check out our website
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