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Searching for Talent - Games Programmer: Digital Disability Education Summer Project

Job Position

We are seeking to build a small group of talented game developers who are interested in using their skills to make a significant difference. Guided by industry professionals it’s time to use our skills for more than just fun, it’s time to change the world.

In the recent World Report on Disability, it is estimated that 1 in 5 people globally are considered as having a disability. In Australia it’s calculated as 3.96 Million Australians (ABS 2003) who still face negative attitudes and inadequate customer service from front line staff (from all industries) because they do not know how to engage with us. This challenge must be properly addressed because it leads to social isolation and exclusion. The underlying cause of this issue is due to current ineffective and unengaging methods to educate and train about disability awareness. Notably existing boring and unempowering online training service, which are glorified powerpoint presentations.

The key to addressing the challenge is the education of our community. Led by people with first-hand experience of disability we are developing a digital gaming experience that is already proven to engage users while educating them on real challenges in the community. We are starting the project with a focus on disability service providers and their front line staff. But our vision is broad and ultimately we plan on bringing this engaging experience to the larger community.

Enable Development’s experience of delivering in person disability awareness training has proven successful, now, by using game design and simulation on smart mobile devices and virtual reality technology, that success will be magnified and reach thousands more.

The timing for this initiative is now. The momentum of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rollout is midway. Once completed in 2020 there will be a $22 Billion market increasing demand for well-trained service delivery professionals. NDIS position statement of the market reports that there are currently 225,300 support workers and 2377 disability service providers in VIC, NSW, QLD, SA and Tasmania. It is projected that this number will grow to 380,900 support workers by 2019.

Lead Social Enterprise:
Enable Development is an award winning social enterprise with a vision where people with disability empowered to make an impact as a valued member of our global community.
We are achieving this by providing disability inclusion education and consultancy to government bodies, educational institutions and corporate. Our organisation is led by passionate professionals with lived experiences of disability. We have extensive experience in delivering innovative and engaging disability awareness programs across the Indo-Pacific region.

Digital Partner:
BONDI LABS is a passionate team of experienced AAA game developers who collaborate intensively with their valued strategic research and industry partners to create highly engaging and effective virtual 3D training and assessment tools which help address some of the world’s most challenging problems and thus make a dent in the universe. They have strategic R&D partnerships with Swinburne University of Technology, Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) - specifically focusing on addressing needs in the Environmental Science and Healthcare Sectors.

Programmer Core Skills:
Game Engine Editor Setup, Management, & Development (Unity or Unreal)
Gameplay programming (c# or C++)
Game Engine Tools programming
Version Control Setup & Management

Demonstrate in-depth knowledge of:
Game Engines
3D graphics pipelines/shaders
Web development: e.g. HTML, CSS, (PHP or Javascript)
Databases (e.g. SQL)

Portfolio Examples:
All applicants should be able to demonstrate Knowledge and skills through example portfolio work.
- Personal (Outside of University) projects
- Industry projects (not a priority)

All applicants will also require experience with.
Version Control e.g. Git, Perforce
Project Management e.g. Trello, Hansoft

The project will commence from December 2016 until March 2017 in a 3 month duration for summer.

An operational Minimum Viable Product (MVP) capable of demonstrating to potential clients and early investors. Details of the project will be made available upon successful application.

A stipend per developer will be made available for the duration of the project. Demonstration of excellence will be considered for more permanent positions if the initiative is successful and grows.

Professional mentoring in the areas of
- Business development and entrepreneurship
- Simulation & game production
- Game development (design, programming & art)
- User experience and instructional design


Please send a cover letter outlining your interest, skills and a CV to Huy at Please don't hesitate to contact me for any general enquiries :)

Closing date 14th November 2016. Now extended until 25th November 2016.