Full Stack Senior Game Engineer


Full Stack Senior Game Engineer - Joy Business Academy

Joy Business Academy is a growing and ambitious studio striving to push the boundaries of lifelong learning. We use modern digital tools, game design techniques and innovative technologies to re-envision what learning can represent in a global, diverse, post-industrial world.

We are calling out for an experienced and well-rounded Senior Game Engineer to come work with our diverse team of programmers, artists, instructional designers, and game designers. As a Full-Stack Game Engineer you should have experience in quickly turning ideas into robust and scalable architectures that translate into rock-solid code and IT solutions. Ideally, we’d like someone to “hit the ground running”, and you’ll be supported by a team of experienced developers who can quickly bring you up to speed.

You’ll be coming to a team with a strong sense of ownership and pride over their work, as well as one that is deeply attuned to creating positive social impact for a wide range of learning communities.
Sounds intriguing? Read up on what we’re looking for, and let us know if you are the one.

Description of Duties (a.k.a what you can expect to do on a day-to-day basis)

- Architect and implement well-engineered, reliable, and maintainable code.
- Collaborate with team members, and external stakeholders, to develop various systems.
- Provide support to clients and team members for developed architecture as their requirements evolve.
- Communicate with other team members, internal customers, and, when required, external customers to determine requirements.
- Work in a cooperative, cross-disciplinary team environment that employs Agile Methodologies.
- Identify technical and development risks / obstacles and generate solutions to overcome identified risks.
- Mentor other engineers as needed to increase their abilities and productivity.
- Collaborate with game designers.
- Work with project manager to break down high-level goals into tasks and timelines.

Skills Profile (a.k.a requirements to be successful in the role)

Our web platform products run off a PHP backend using the popular Laravel framework, all running on Amazon Cloud services running Ubuntu. We also utilise many development and deployment tools such Git, Gulp, NPM and Composer.

Our Game architecture currently runs on a Java backend using the Spring framework alongside the Unity Game Engine. We are looking to migrate into modern solutions that allow for scalability of our existing and future games that are often integrated into our web platform—a core duty and role for this position. We are also looking for some blockchain hooks for some products (LOOM, EOS, Ethereum etc.) and some understanding, or a keen willingness to learn would be ideal.

Our next Senior Game Engineer should have:

- Strong experience building and maintaining online web and/or game servers using Java/Go/C# (.Net 4.x) in tandem with SQL/NoSQL
- Experiencing architecting, deploying and maintaining resilient, health-checking systems with monitoring, testing and troubleshooting capabilities
- Experience with deploying and running services on a large scale using private and public cloud solutions (AWS, GC, Azure, etc)
- Strong understanding of sockets, TCP, UDP, and WebSockets
- Strong ability to troubleshoot, diagnose and analyze complex systems
- Capable of delivering and leading the creation of well-documented, clean and managed code
- Personally self-motivated, dedicated, positive, helpful, capable of rapid learning and sharing knowledge with the team.
- Capable of gathering requirements, undergoing deep understanding, delivering prototypes and employing working solutions for complex requirements.
- Working effectively in a diverse team environment with tight deadlines and new challenges.
- Strong experience building Web Services (REST, OAuth).
- Experience with distributed caching .
- Experience with Unix/Linux.
- Capable of building continuous integration & continuous delivery environments.
- Experience working on online and multiplayer services for synchronous and asynchronous games.
- Experience with HTML, Javascript, CSS.
- Experience with cloud technologies, including serverless, functions as a service.
- Exceptional Git skills.

Major bonus points will be earnt for experience in—or at least a strong interest in—blockchain and smart contract development/integration (ie. Ethereum, Loom.io, EOS, NEM, Stellar, WAVES, Bitcoin).

Another bonus would be experience in functional programming languages: Erlang, Elixir, F#, Haskell, OCaml, Scala, Clojure, Scheme or Common Lisp.

Your Profile (a.k.a traits that would make you fit into our team seamlessly)
We’re a team passionate about creating positive social impact through interactive experiences and games. As such, it’s important to us that our staff share the same passion and are advocates for the company values that guide the way we operate.

You’d be our ideal candidate, if you are…
- Driven and Self-motivated - you don’t wait around to be told what to do, you take pride and ownership over your work.
- Collaborative-minded - you enjoy learning from others and hearing a range of unique perspectives.
- Optimistic - not necessarily the “always happy” type, but you see issues and failures as opportunities rather than, well, issues and failures.
- Authentic - you know who you are, and you are secure in how your unique personality profile can add value to a team.
- Solution-minded - you see problems as a pathway to a solution or solutions, and not the end of the road.
- Have a sense of social responsibility - we chose to center our business around creating positive social impact because we deeply believe that it is our duty to do so.
- Supportive and team orientated - you work well in a team and support your peers in achieving the best results for our clients and our end users.

If this role sounds like your next opportunity, please send your resume, examples of your work, and an accompanying cover letter that includes:
- Key relevant experience
- Who you are and how you see yourself fitting into our team
- Why you would like to work for JBA

If you have any questions or would like to get in touch, please contact Jerome Kelsey (careers@prideandjoy.org).

We are an equal opportunity employer and value having members that represent our global diversity. We strongly encourage any individual regardless of race, religion, colour, nationality, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, or disability status to apply for this role.