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Games Software Engineer

Job Position

Our development team consists of passionate gamers, driven to make the most fun, engaging and rewarding games and experiences for our players. We collaborate, evaluate, and iterate on everything that goes into the game, with a strong focus on “easy to play, hard to master”, and great user experiences.

Taking pride in maintaining the best and most reliable build processes, server configurations and development workflows, our Game Engineers don't just help to remove technical roadblocks when they arrive, they foresee them and prevent them from ever occurring. They are passionate about technology, up to date with the latest developments in the industry, and use this knowledge on a day to day basis to ensure that our games are always cutting edge. Game programmers at heart, our Game Engineers take a step back and analyse our projects as a whole, designing, implementing and monitoring the architecture that allows our team to efficiently craft some of the most innovative, engaging and rewarding games and experiences in our industry.

Design and develop elegant solutions for a diverse range of complex problems to empower our teams to create games that are both technically and creatively innovative.
Work closely with artists, designers, QA and engineers across all projects to discover opportunities where software can improve our workflows and infrastructure.
Collaborate with programmers, artists and designers to create tools, asset pipelines, workflow processes and cloud solutions that are reliable, efficient and easy to use.
Design and develop game software with a high standard of code quality, stability, maintainability, readability and performance.
Provide expert advise regard the best operating systems, hardware platforms, game engines and techniques for implementing games, features and tools.
Diagnose and resolve issues with current and past projects, and test to ensure stability.
Contribute to the design of new product ideas and features.
Rapidly prototype and iterate on new game ideas to evaluate their fun, feasibility and market fit

High standards of code quality, usability and maintainability.
Expert experience developing PC games with Unity3D and C#
Experience with REST APIs and cloud-based platforms (AWS, Azure, etc).
Strong knowledge of bench-marking, optimisation and PC hardware performance.
Able to thrive in a diverse, collaborative team working productively and autonomously.
Strong experience with common gameplay features such as physics, animation, user interfaces, state machines, networking, etc.
Experience writing other software such as C++ DLLs, APIs, servers, windows services, console programs, Powershell/batch scripts, or websites.
Experience working in teams with version control systems such as Git, Mercurial or Perforce.
Experience with a variety of software development tools and practices such as unit testing, build automation, dependency injection, data-driven development, etc.
Strong communication skills in English, both written and verbal.
A passion for games is critical as you'll be collaborating with the games development team and contributing to LAI Games products.
Experience with iOS, Android and web development, and any other programming languages.
Experience developing for VR

Tertiary degree in a relevant technical field, or equivalent experience.
5+ years experience in design and development of games.

Flexible working hours
Monthly self-directed personal development days and game jams
We finish at 4:30 every Friday afternoon for social drinks and games
Work in a dynamic, creative work space located in Singapore's technology and media hub
Live and work in amazing Singapore! One of the safest, cleanest, greenest, most well connected and multicultural cities in the world!
Being a part of the out-of-home entertainment industry, we like to have frequent team events and enjoy what the industry has to offer.
We have close relationships with key customers such as Timezone, and get to spend a lot of time in their centres

If this sounds like you, click the link below to be directed to our jobs portal where you can upload your resume and portfolio, and share links to your work.