2D Artist & Animator/Illustrator opening at Redtribe

Job Position: 

Redtribe is looking for a well-rounded game artist for a social game on the iPad, iPhone, Android and PC. As part of a small team, the artist’s role is to generate all the artwork for the game and must work very closely with both programmers and designers.

The ideal artist would have a highly stylized art style that the team could draw inspiration from when designing and building the game. Strong communication skills are important. A love of computer games, and a passion for game development is an absolute must.

Key considerations include:

  • Willing to do whatever it takes. Wants to work on a small team and contribute to the entire success of the game including design, marketing, blogging, delivering, testing or whatever might be required to make the game a commercial success.
  • Highly stylized, individualized art.
  • Nothing is impossible attitude.
  • A passion and love of computer games.
  • High Level/Low Level Design skills.
  • Strong written language skills, blogging skills.
  • A solid understanding of the games industry.
  • Up to date with current trends, technologies and game development methodologies.
  • A willingness to push the boundaries. We’re looking for something unusual and innovative, and we don’t use those words lightly.

Technical skills may include (depending on art style being presented of course):

  • 2D packages, Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, ToonBoom, others.
  • 3D Packages Maya, 3D studio Max.
  • Rigging, texturing, animating (3d and/or 2d) depending on style.
  • Unity 3D skills a plus

If you consider yourself a talented artist, are happy to suggest ideas and solutions to problems, love games and have a thorough understanding of the game development process we would love to hear from you.


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Hi, where can i email my details, in regards to this position?
the info email on the redtribe site does not work.


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