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HTML5 Game Developer


About Two Bulls

Two Bulls is a boutique software development firm. We work with a select group of major clients and leading startups to create amazing products. We provide digital and product strategy consulting to our clients and then we design, build, and release those products globally. We are a team of 40 experts in a variety of fields with offices in Melbourne, New York and Berlin. We do all of our design and development in-house. While some talk about great products, we are the ones the best hire to make them. Check out our work at

The Role

Due to the kick-off of a number of awesome, game-changing projects, we are currently looking for a person with a strong background in HTML5 development - a person with passion for games and/or technology; who will use their skills in a team responsible for designing, prototyping, testing, developing, and polishing web games and other interactive experiences; a person able to work hard while having fun… Are you that person?


The perfect candidate will have:

  • Expertise in HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, WebGL
  • Experience building web games targeting mobile, webviews, and old browsers
  • A passion for game development and creating experiences that excite, entertain, and educate
  • Experience with web game frameworks e.g. phaser
  • Experience with animation frameworks e.g. createJS
  • Familiarity with modern javascript and CSS approaches to building web structures
  • General experience with a range of modern web frameworks and development approaches
  • BSc or MSc in computer science or similar

Two Bulls can provide you with a small company work culture, big company clients, and cutting edge products. We get excited by beautiful architectures, solving difficult problems, creating great user experiences and being at the cutting edge of everything that we do.

To Apply:

  • Visit the ad on our careers page.
  • Briefly (briefly!) tell us why you want to be a Developer at Two Bulls.
  • Tell us something awesome in 200 characters or less. Anything.
  • Skip the cover letter. Everything we need to know is in the materials above.

No recruiters. Seriously. Your enquiries will not be responded to and your calls will be placed on indefinite hold with very bad music. Sorry, but you guys can't take "no thank you" for an answer.