WANTED: Programmer to develop game for apple and android devices

Job Position: 

A bit about you:
I am looking to collaborate with a professional independent/freelance developer who is confident in creating games for iphone/ipad and android devices, who can advise on production aspects like level of difficulty, how long it may take to build, how the art is best created for implementation into the game, and then we will work together set a timeline and build the game. The behaviour of the gameplay would be similar to guitar hero, but the game itself will be quite different. I have contact with a potential client, so there is possible renumeration in the future.

A bit about me:
5+ years industry experience...Design, Film, Photography and Animation, having recently finished work on Happy Feet Two. I am based in Sydney and look forward to meeting with interested artists to further discuss the needs of the project.

Luke Flanagan


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Hi Luke,

Most professional developers will not jump at the chance of "possible" remuneration. Professionalism attracts professionals. It may help to advertise for a student/hobbyist or make it clear that your project is a speculative business venture.

Good luck!

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You want someone to perform services for you but you don't want to pay them unless your potential client agrees to funding your idea? That isn't right.

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There may well be someone to take this up ... depends on how risk-averse that person is(n't).
Hardly wrong... definitely won't suit everyone though.

Give me a yell if you decide to actually pay money.