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Animator - Playcorp Studios

Job Position
Application Deadline Date:

Join our growing talented team at Playcorp Studios where we are working on AAA quality games for a global market across all platforms. The company is looking for a Full-Time highly skilled game character animator who lives and breathes animation, and understands how to make animations work with the underlying control systems of computer games to create seamless, high quality and well-timed gameplay experiences for players.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
* Working closely with programmers and audio creators to implement, set up and tweak animations in-game in Unity.
* Working closely with the Character modeling team as well as other Animators to maximize our animation and character performance potential.
* Demonstrate a broad range of character and object/building animations.
* Improving character visuals when needed, such as mesh deformation and facial animations.

* Portfolio and/or reel demonstrating relevant artistic skills required.
* 2 years of animation work in games.
* Self-motivation and self-reliance. Ability to research and learn new tools quickly.
* Excellent communication and teamwork skills.
* Experience using Unity.
* High attention to detail.
* Proficiency using 3dsmax.

* Experience with Mecanim.
* 2D and 3D VFX creation skills.
* Creating/writing scripts to increase workflow process.
* Knowledge with using Git/Sourcetree, SVN, perforce or willing to learn how to use these if needed.

If you are interested or have further inquiries, please send your resume to and quote "Animator" in the subject line and provide the following:
- CV / Resume.
- Previous work examples
- Portfolio