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Narrative Writer - Playcorp Studios

Job Position
Application Deadline Date:

Join our growing talented team at Playcorp Studios where we are working on AAA quality games for a global market across all platforms. The company is looking for a Full-Time Narrative Writer who has the ability to create highly detailed and immersive stories, narrative arcs, history, lore, and dialogue for the projects needs. Our games are not linear experiences, so any experience in non-linear narrative is a bonus.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
* Develop compelling stories of the game/characters while incorporating the core pillars and vision of the project.
* Brainstorming and creating the history and lore of the projects world.
* Writing dialogue and barks that express the intention and mood of the characters.
* Working in an Agile development environment.
* Collaborate and clearly communicate any ideas to other team members.
* Keep up to date with all game design documents and changes to the game so the story can be accurate with in-game content.
* Any other duties requested that fall within the abilities of the employee.

* High creativity and imagination skills.
* The ability to think ahead for the story plots and possible future adaptations of a story/game.
* Highly organized and self-motivated.
* Experience working with Unity or other game development tools.
* Ability to process and proactively react to feedback from multiple sources.
* Have worked on two or more released games for PC or Console as a Narrative Writer

* Highly advantageous if you have good game designing skills.
* Degree in screenwriting, creative writing, or equivalent.

If you are interested or have further inquiries, please send your resume to and quote "Narrative Writer" in the subject line and provide the following:
- CV / Resume.
- Previous work examples