Server Engineer (Senior)


Server Engineer (Senior)

We’re looking for somebody to help us create and maintain an online infrastructure that supports millions of concurrent players in a secure, stable, highly performant and reliable manner. You’ll be using a wide combination of the latest AWS, Google Cloud and web technologies (Lambda/Cloud Functions using C# and JavaScript, Node.js, Terraform/Serverless, Cognito/Firebase, DynamoDB/Bigtable, Docker/Kubernetes etc) to allow us to dynamically scale a fleet of containerized, .NET Core based game servers. Perhaps you already have experience with many of these technologies, or perhaps you've got a proven track record in taking on similarly complex challenges.

Ideally, you’ll be Melbourne based and already hold a Visa allowing you to work in Australia. We’ll consider a remote position for the right candidate, if you’re willing to be available with crossover during Australian business hours.


  • - Strong programming and debugging skills in C# or C++
  • - Computer Science degree or demonstrably equivalent skills
  • - Comfort with multi-threaded programming and scalable, distributed systems
  • - Skills in, or willingness to learn JavaScript and TypeScript
  • - Experience with networked systems


  • - Experience with a wide range of AWS, Google Cloud or Azure technologies
  • - Comfort and experience with programming for the web
  • - Track record of having worked on critical infrastructure at scale
  • - Experience in adapting to new technologies
  • - Strong linear algebra and 3D math skills
  • - Demos and code samples are always fantastic to see
  • - Experience as a full stack developer using AWS or Google Cloud
  • - Experience with SQL and NoSQL databases
  • - Experience with serverless, infrastructure as code
  • - Comfort or familiarity with Unity


Please send a cover letter explaining your interest in the role, as well as a CV outlining your experience to: with [POSITION TITLE - YOUR NAME] in the subject.