Lead Designer wanted for The Firemonkeys

Job Position: 

Meet The Firemonkeys

Key responsibilities

  • Design and prototype levels with direction from Lead Designer.
  • Develop and maintain level design documentation, including but not limited to mechanics, guidelines, and mission outlines.
  • Contribute by bringing new ideas to the table in regards to every facet of the game: mechanics, story, missions, and more.
  • Establish, maintain and enhance relationships with inside and outside creative resources.
  • The ability to provide scripting support for game missions, freeplay or modules (including revisions and bug fixing) if necessary.

Technical skills and experience

  • Experience in development of level design documentation for implementation of mechanics, systems, freeplay and mission summaries.
  • Bring new ideas to the table in regards to every facet of the game; mechanics, story, missions, and more.
  • Scripting for game missions, freeplay, or modules (including revisions and bug fixing).
  • Excellent interpersonal, writing and communication skills.
  • Ability to design within existing game design and fiction to create new systems, missions, and freeplay.
  • Passion for and broad knowledge of various genres & games on different platforms, with an ability to critically analyze them.
  • Exhibit good comprehension of gameplay values and spatial reasoning.
  • Absorption and continuous learning of all fields related to level design, staying in tune with trends and products emerging in the gaming marketplace.
  • Experience with 3D suites (Max, Maya, MissionMan, QeRadiant etc.) for creating game missions and environments.
  • Console game development experience (Xbox 360, PS3)
  • Cross platform development experience
  • Personal/hobby game projects
  • One or more shipped titles as a Level Designer considered an asset
  • Understanding of basic programming or scripting languages (LUA, Perl, JavaScript, etc) a plus
  • Experience using Perforce
  • Extensive knowledge of action & platformer games and their mechanisms

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Anyone know if this role has filled up?