Unity 3D programmers and animators for Redtribe


We're looking to see if there are any experienced Unity 3D programmers out there that might be looking to join a new team for a 360, PS3 game. We're still in the process of signing up the project, but it's looking very good and might start this month or next month. We need to find out whose available, what level of experience they have and salary expectations. The contract would be for 12 months and is based in Melbourne Australia.

Ideally we're looking for seasoned game development professionals with extensive Unity 3D experience (C#), and a few game titles under their belts.

We're also looking at Animators who can work closely with game-programmers to create character animations (actions/behaviours) and enemy animations (AI behaviours). Again as with programmers only experienced animators are required at this time who've had experience in this role.

Please send your details to chris@redtribe.com subject heading "Unity 3D project".
Don't forget the subject heading or your email.