Games Programmer (6 Month Contract) - Massive Monster

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Wednesday, 26 August 2020 - 12:30pm

Massive Monster Office sneak peek!

Howdy, we at Massive Monster are looking for a sparkly new programmer to help us on our new IP published by [secret but very cool indie publisher]! It's a very exciting project for us and definitely our most ambitious project yet.
The game is 2D sprites in a 3D world (like Dont Starve) and has melee based combat, similar to our previous game The Adventure Pals, but with more depth!

We're looking for a programmer who has a great eye for juicy & fun gameplay at the highest level, the role will be involved heavily around creating enemies & bosses so the programmer must have good game design sensibilities.
We all work remotely at Massive Monster, so are open to remote work. Otherwise we are located in Melbourne Australia, the United Kingdom & Asia.
Our Melbourne office is situated within The Arcade in non-covid times and desk space can be supplied.

Who is Massive Monster?
Massive Monster is an award winning indie developer made up of one really big monster and his “pets” who help him achieve his game making dreams. We maintain a core focus on personality and play. We create worlds in which everything has a story and around every corner is a new adventure.

- Worked on at least one commercial game, ideally desktop & console.
- Really good at unity
- Super good at making things fun
- The goodest at saying hi on slack, working remotely communication is key!
- Just good at being Independently motivated to get on with tasks.

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