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Senior 3D Character Animator and Rigger

Job Position

Join our growing talented team at Playcorp Studios making unique Survival Crafting RPGs. Our games are released to a global market, across all platforms, in 9 different languages. We work with the Unity3D engine. The company is looking for a full-time character animator who lives and breathes game characters, and specifically understands the technical and design challenges of making game characters that are fluid and responsive to user input. In this multidisciplinary role you will be working with engineers, designers and producers to create the most exciting and rewarding character gameplay experiences for our players.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:
* Working closely with designers, engineers and producers to craft humanoid animations that can be used to create fluid responsive movements for playable characters than run on Unity3D’s animation systems.
* Work with Unity3D’s animation systems to tweak the timing of actions, transitions between animations, blend animations, blend upper and lower body animations and combine inverse kinematics to create unique seamless character abilities.
* Craft fluid, stylized animations for AI controlled characters including bipedal and quadrupedal creatures, breathing life into the game worlds they inhabit.
* Working with QA and engineers to tease out character related issues and help fix them in order to create the highest quality in-game results.
* Work with artists and designers to improve character visuals when needed, such as mesh deformation and facial animations, object attachments and special FXs.

* Able to rig and animate using CAT rigs in 3dsmax.
* Demonstrate a broad range of animation skills, styles and techniques.
* Can demonstrate extensive knowledge and experience working with Unity3D animation systems, its animation graphs and blending techniques used to create fluid character movement.
* Portfolio and/or reel demonstrating relevant artistic skills required.
* 3 years of animation work in games.
* Be full of energy, positive and motivated to create and share amazing experiences.
* A team player who focuses on finding solutions that motivate and inspire others to solve problems.
* Always looking for new solutions and keeping up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies.
* Have excellent verbal and written communications skills.
* Highly experienced using Unity3D's animation systems.
* High attention to detail, professionalism and pride in your work.
* Knowledge using version control software such as Git, Subversion and Perforce or willing to learn how to use these if needed.
* Experience with animation blending/transitions using Unity3D’s Mecanim.

* 2D and 3D VFX creation skills.
* Able to script using MAXscript and C# in Unity to improve workflows and processes.

If you are interested or have further inquiries, please send your resume to and quote "Senior 3D Animator" in the subject line and provide the following:
* CV / Resume.
* Previous work examples
* Portfolio or reel