Environment Artist (Full time)

Application Deadline Date: 
Friday, 30 August 2019 - 5:00pm

Modern Storyteller is an award-winning game studio based in Melbourne, Australia. We’re lean but ambitious. Nick Pearce, our Managing Director, is an award-winning screenwriter and game developer. Before founding the studio, Nick worked as a legal and strategy advisor to a multi-billion dollar tech company. Alex Goss, our Technical Lead, is a wizard software engineer and game developer. Before joining our team, he helped create the award-winning Earthlight VR, a Virtual Reality spacewalk experience made in consultation with NASA.

We’re working on a narrative-driven game with RPG elements called The Forgotten City. Think of it as Groundhog Day in Pompeii 2.0. It’s a stand-alone re-imagining of a wildly popular mod, which won a national Writers’ Guild award, and has been downloaded over 2.5 million times. The game was revealed at E3’s PC Gaming Show 2018 where it won an Unreal E3 award, and was voted 3rd most anticipated indie of 2018 at IndieDB. It has received backing from both Film Victoria and Epic Games. You can learn more about it here.

We’re looking for a highly skilled Environment Artist to join our team full time for a fixed term of 9 months. The term may be extended.

As our environment artist, you’ll be helping to build a beautiful and mysterious ancient Roman city full of authentic details. Reporting to the Managing Director, you will:
1. Conceive and block out distinct environments within a large, interconnected open-world
2. Flesh out and polish environments to help tell our story
3. Model new assets from reference art and kitbash existing assets as required
4. Set up lighting in environments
5. Optimize environments for PC and consoles

1. Demonstrated skill and experience assembling high-fidelity environments in Unreal Engine 4 (UE4)
2. Demonstrated ability to create complex materials in UE4
3. Demonstrated ability to create beautiful, well optimized models in your preferred modelling suite
4. Demonstrated ability to compose and light visually appealing scenes in UE4
5. Demonstrable understanding of optimization techniques in UE4
6. A reasonably fast internet connection at your home office
7. Be a resident of, and entitled to work in, Australia

1. Have a genuine interest in ancient Roman architecture and history
2. Have experience using SourceTree / git
3. Have a knack for creating assets to share on social media
4. Professionalism and polish
5. Reside in the State of Victoria (we're determined to help build up the Victorian games industry!)

1. Competitive salary (relative to experience)
2. Work on an exciting, high-profile title
3. Freedom to work remotely from your home office anywhere in Australia
4. Flexible work arrangement opportunities
5. Healthy work-life balance
6. Possibility of ongoing employment

Please email info [at] modern-storyteller.com by 5pm on Friday 30 August with:
1. A one-page cover letter outlining why you’d be a good fit for our team
2. A link to a folio showcasing your work (eg. Artstation)
3. Your CV

1. If you make it onto our shortlist, you’ll be contacted to arrange a phone or in-person interview. This will cover your professional experience and probe your technical skills. We may also ask you to undertake an art test, for which you will be paid.
2. If the interview goes well, we’ll conduct reference checks.
3. If your references checks go well, we’ll make you an offer of employment via email.