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Senior Unity Developer

Job Position

Scarlet City Studios is an innovative studio based in Kingsland, Auckland in beautiful New Zealand. We like to do things differently; in fact, our byline is "Telling an alternative story". We are all passionate gamers, and we know from first hand experience how immersive and life-changing a good game can be. Our team has fond memories of everything from The Legend of Zelda, Zork, King’s Quest, Commander Keen, GoldenEye, and Command and Conquer to today’s releases.

We’ve been issued a new quest, and we need to add to our party before we can complete it. Our main objective remains the same: to tell an alternative story of how both educational and faith based games can be. That’s our entire gameplan, actually; we are aiming to be the premiere provider of Christian gaming experiences in the world. Our flagship game - The Aetherlight - is brimming with quality art, engaging gameplay, and exceptional design - because we believe in employing skilled people to do great work. When we ask someone to join our raid party we don’t need them to be a Christian, just love gaming and be supportive of our vision.

The quest we’ve been issued is around an exciting new project that will include Augmented Reality, GeoFences, and some other super cool new technologies. We have a team with some awesome Tanks and Healers, but we need a talented and experienced Unity/C# developer who can add serious DPS to the raid and help lead the party.

Your base class should have:

  • Passion for video games, and engaging gameplay experiences
  • Extensive experience with the Unity engine and C# development

Your skill tree and gearing should include:

  • Class specialisation in using AR would be desirable
  • Levelling up in location based development would be helpful
  • +5 points spent in Leadership skills
  • Hours spent in game design dungeons, and a feel for what makes a game fun to play
  • Achievements unlocked in object-oriented design and maintainable code principles
  • Trophy gear or loot showing a passion for quality and an intuitive understanding of smooth and positive player experience
  • Badges in game development processes, as well as techniques such as scrum and kanban
  • Solid gearing for PvE, including headgear enchanted for understanding version control systems such as SVN or GIT
  • PvP experience, to support and give constructive feedback to other developers

Quest Rewards
There will be loot drops commensurate with your level and we will work to make sure you are appropriately geared for every dungeon we run. The Guild Hall you’ll be mustering in is spacious and fun, and we have a great raid party culture, including a team lunch provided once a week because no one wants to run a dungeon hungry. We operate exclusively from the Kingsland server in the Auckland realm, where there’s some great NPC locations like bars, cafes and armories as well as the Western train line, major bus routes and easy access to the motorway to ensure we don’t wear our warlocks out with summon portals.