Senior 3D Artist required for Gold Coast Studio

Job Position: 

3Dme is looking for an experienced professional 3D Artist to join our team at our Gold Coast Studio.

Our primary objective is to "improve global health & education outcomes". We are absolutely fascinated by the human body & want to share this passion with the world! Our vision is simply to use our scientific & artistic skills along with the reach of the internet & digital technology, to captivate, engage & inspire everyone from primary school students through to university undergraduates, academics & medical specialists, parents, teachers all the way through to senior citizens to improve their understanding of complex and important health & medical topics.

Selection Criteria:-

5+ years industry experience
Excellent modelling skills in 3D Studio Max and or Maya
Excellent texturing skills in Photoshop
Experience as a Lead managing a team of 3 or more artists
Excellent communication skills
Strong work ethic
Ability to excel under tight deadlines
Passion for creating excellence

If you have what it takes please email your resume to:-


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