Senior Technical Artist

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Wednesday, 11 December 2019 - 6:00pm

Who we are
An ambitious team turning big dreams into reality

The $100 billion gaming industry is on the verge of revolution. For decades, gamers have suffered under the pretense of ownership: purchasing digital assets to which they hold but negligible rights. Now, with the advent of blockchain technology, comes the opportunity to empower gamers with true ownership. At Immutable, our mission is to lead this revolution and transform the space as social and mobile platforms did years ago.

With a small but exceptional team of artists, designers and engineers we are building Gods Unchained: a AAA trading card game where players have complete control over their assets. As we approach launch, we need the help of other talented professionals to help bring our game to the world.

That's where you come in...

The Senior Technical Artist will work in conjunction with both our Art and Programming departments for the implementation of visually stunning and highly performant 3d art. You will be developing and adjusting art pipelines, collaborating with team members, creating great art and implementing and enhancing the works of other artists.

You will need to be able to create and optimize shaders, materials, post processing effects and particles all for deployment into a game engine, create and work with existing scripts to control materials, animations and VFX and also create and maintain tools and streamline workflows for artists. You will need to be able to light and set-dress effectively, problem solve technical issues and performance problems across multiple platforms.

This role requires a diverse skill set and intimate knowledge of Unity. Knowing both the Art and Programming sides of game development, and how they overlap and interact, is a must for this role.

Day to Day Responsibiltiies
- Reports to Art Director
- Collaborate with Engineering and Art departments
- Works in tandem with Tech Artist to integrate assets and optimize pipeline
- Find clever solutions for performance concerns related to art assets
- Create simple control scripts for materials, particle systems and animations
- Create tools and systems to speed up the art implementation process for Gods Unchained
- Supporting external 3D contractors

- Strong understanding of Unity
- Strong understanding of version control ( GIT preferred )
- Strong understanding of performance and optimization for PC & Mobile
- Strong understanding of Non-Unity tools and support ( Knowledge of Multiple Packages Preferred )
- Knowledge of Zbrush, Substance Designer, Substance Painter and a modeling package (Max, Maya, Blender or Modo)
- Knowledge of material graphs and particle systems
- C# knowledge required

No remote working: Whilst we want to support remote working in the medium-term, we are only hiring for onsite roles to promote collaboration and grow our culture.

Who you are
Satisfied with the status-quo? Pass. Want somebody telling you what to do? Look elsewhere. Curious and driven? Let’s talk.

Our vision is reflected in a set of common values. If these values reflect both you and the people you want to work with, you will thrive at Immutable.

We have an insatiable hunger for self improvement
- We have a growth culture, focussed on learning and development.
- The term high performance culture is often used to describe some amazing companies. At Immutable we believe that performance is the output and by focusing on inputs and the process the results will take care of themselves. This is because learning compounds, so small improvements add up to have a large impact over time. Mistakes are also treated differently: in a growth culture they are an opportunity to learn.
- If you bring a growth mindset you can improve your intelligence, ability and performance. It is equally important to improve your strengths as well as your weaknesses.
- We seek to learn individually and collectively.

We are active and inclusive beacons of positivity
- We have a playful culture, based on upbeat and constructive interactions.
- You spend approximately 80,000 hours and much of your waking life at work. Who you share that time with and how they make you feel has a massive impact on your wellbeing. If you join Immutable we want every day to be a joy. - Of course things will go wrong, there will be tough moments and that’s when you can rely on the team to support you through it.
- We strive to be our best selves.

We communicate with loving honesty
- We have a culture of trust, built upon sincerity and openness.
- Transparency is important. Communication errors are the source of many problems from misaligned expectations to hidden agendas. It is difficult to fix something that you don’t know is broken. However the truth can be hard to hear if not delivered tactfully. And radical transparency does not always lead to optimal outcomes. At Immutable we expect honesty, but with others best interests at heart.
- We help others achieve their best.

We are scientists: we hypothesise, we test and we iterate
- We have a scientific culture to make decisions and learn.
- Hypothesise - we are curious and constantly seek to improve processes
- Test - we gather data and feedback to validate our hypotheses
- Iterate - we learn from our tests to make better choices over time
- We listen with an open mind and judge based on reasons, not bias

There is no speed limit
- What is holding you back?

Things we don't consider important in your application
A prior interest in gaming or blockchain: so long as you’re curious to learn what the fuss is about

Your background, age, ethnicity, gender or sexuality: we see the value in a wide breadth of personal experiences, and understand that a diverse team makes better games and a more fulfilling place to work.

What it's like to work here
A fast-paced, intellectually stimulating environment where you will do things you never thought possible

Our passion for decentralisation goes beyond the blockchain - it is a necessary part of our work culture. If you are used to top-down control it can take some getting used to, but you will soon realise the only thing holding you back is yourself.

How we work
- Collaborative quarterly goal setting: see how you work ties into the company's goals and help define what success looks like
- Sponsored learning: if you want to learn from the best educator in your field, we’ll find a way to make it happen. People in our team have had masterclasses from NYT bestsellers, Lead Designers of the largest games in the world, and more.
- Regular feedback: at the team and individual level. How can you improve without feedback?
- Small, agile scrum teams: running on 1 to 2 week cycles
- Transparency around strategy: with a clear process for raising ideas and issues: Everyone’s thoughts and opinions are valued, and anyone, from intern to executive, can tell us how to do things better

As a small startup we can offer you a unique benefit: growth. You will be joining on the ground floor which means you can grow with us - leadership positions, roles many levels above your current experience and the opportunity to make a significant contribution. It's yours for the taking.

We know your best work is done when you can trust your colleagues and have fun at work. We do this by:
- Hosting weekly social events
- Providing coffee and snacks to all on-site employees
- Decorated office with artwork from our awesome AAA fantasy game
- Supporting flexible working
- We are a fast moving startup with unique benefits around career growth

We are still in the early days of forming our company culture. We want YOU to bring fresh ideas and help us make Immutable a fantastic place to work.

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