Unity3D Programmer Required

Job Position: 

Mobile Unity3D Programmer required.

We're looking for an experienced competent Mobile Unity3D programmer (C#) to port our game Hairy Balls to the Android platform. Experience with Prime31 plug-in would be highly advantageous. Experienced in Android related issues of hardware, screen resolution and specific strategies on handling these challenges in order to target the widest possible set of hardware possible.

The perfect candidate would be able to quote in full and port the game to the Android platform in a reasonable amount of time. The game has been written in C# using Unity3D. The orignal programmer of the game is available for questions and assistance during the porting process.

- Full testing to support androids multiple resolutions
- Googles storekit
- Analytics SDK integration
- Social media integration
- google drive support (iCloud equivelenant)
- Android notifications

Please email chris@redtribe.com for more details.