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[Freelance] UE4 Technical Artist/Technical Art Consultant | alphawave Games

Job Position

Hi there, it's been a while! We're currently looking to get in touch with a Technical Artist with a focus on Unreal Engine 4 to help with our current game in development.

Initially, we're just looking to have a chat with a Tech Artist to figure out certain aspects of our art pipeline but if your stuff really jumps out at us, then we'd love to have you work on working on some great character and environmental shaders!

Here's some added qualities we're really looking for:

  • - Can adhere to deadlines
  • - Experience with Unreal Engine 4's workflow
  • - Great knowledge and process of different art mediums (bonus points if you're an animation background art geek!)
  • - An attitude that is professionally unprofessional - we're a pretty haphazard group of people, so naturally we're looking for someone who can tread the fine line between cracking a joke and dead focused on the task at hand.
  • - A human problem solver - You'll be able to step back from the problem and think of creative ways to overcome an obstacle
  • - On the topic of human, can actually speak it - You have A+ listed next to Communication and Positivity. Clear, concise and always up to brainstorm new ideas!

Other considerations

We prefer people with experience with creating assets for console-based games, but don't let that stop you from sending us your portfolio.
And while we also prefer someone who lives locally (Brisbane), also don't let that stop you from sending your stuff through!

If you're sitting there right now thinking "Why won't this job ad end!? Let me just send my stuff to you!", then send your portfolio and any questions to