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Gameplay Programmer at Loveshack

Job Position

Loveshack is a multi-award winning, independent game studio based out of Melbourne, Australia. We have just released our critically acclaimed game FRAMED, and are looking for more amazing talent to help us create new game experiences that are hard to place in a genre. We are an equal opportunity studio that promotes diversity, and encourage everyone no matter what gender, race, or sexuality they identify with to apply.


Loveshack is looking for a contract gameplay programmer either in the video game industry already or experienced with indie developed games (personal projects included!). The role will involve a variety of different programming-driven tasks, including:

  • Adding new gameplay features to our games (C++)
  • Prototyping new game ideas (C++ and potentially Unity)
  • Supporting and fixing bugs in our existing games/engine/tools (C++)

Required Skills:

  • Solid command of C, C++ and C#.
  • Experience with OpenGL.
  • Solid understanding of object-oriented programming.
  • Strong understanding of 2D maths concepts.
  • Understanding of version control, experience with SVN and/or Git.
  • Ability to learn new concepts quickly.
  • Proactive and interested in learning new concepts or exploring software libraries.
  • An eye for detail and an ability to take a design and fill in the blanks.

Demonstrable Experience A Must

At Loveshack, we recognise that not all applicants may have relevant industry experience. Demonstrating your experience through your past or personal projects will go a long way to help us gauge if you're the right fit for our team. Work in progress projects are fine too. Please submit these via a dropbox link.

Bonus Criteria:

  • Experience with OpenGL ES and GLSL.
  • Experience with Objective-C
  • Strong understanding of 3D maths concepts.
  • Experience with Unity.
  • Familiar with Microsoft Visual Studio and Apple Xcode.
  • Proactive and interested in participating in design discussions.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills.

Submission Details

This is for a paid, contract position with the chance to be extended to ongoing full-time work.

To apply for this position please email us at jobs[at]loveshackentertainment[dot]com with the subject "GAMEPLAY PROGRAMMER APPLICATION - [YOUR NAME]".
Please include:

  • A public Dropbox link (or equivalent file sharing software) to your previous work (be it personal, professional, or work in progress)
  • A resume (and/or whatever additional materials / cover letters you feel are worth sharing)
  • A picture of a cat.

Applications close 5th of April, 2015.

While we prefer applicants to work closely with us in-house in Melbourne, if you are a good fit and have an awesome portfolio we can make an exception and work remotely with you.

We look forward to hearing from you!
<3 The Shack