Reach Game Studios: Positions Across Studio Disciplines


Reach Game Studios is currently hard at work on Apathy, an open-world FPS with action-RPG/MMO, and social exploration influences, and we're looking for talented individuals to help us.

We are a console-registered developer and working with Unreal Engine 4. Knowledge of the Unreal pipeline is highly desirable, but not necessary.

2D Concept Artists:
We're seeking concept artists to help bring our concepts and ideas to life on paper. Artists should be familiar with sci-fi and fantasy elements, weapon, prop, environmental, and character design.
Texture artists are also highly sought.

Art Director:
The Art Director will lead up the art department, and will have the crucial role in determining an art style and ensuring and demanding consistency to that style within his department. The director will work with the creative director to ensure a clear flow of ideas back and forth that form the basis of the style guide.

3D Dept.:
We're seeking modelers (character, environmental, level etc.) to help us develop game-ready assets through the various steps, from concept to final product. Some will need to be developed with considerations to the various departments that will handle them (including animation, VFX, etc.)
Knowledge of modular asset design is extremely helpful.

Technical Artists / Animators:
We're looking for 3D riggers and animators to help bring movement and fluidity to our player characters, enemy characters, and other moving environmental pieces. A high level of fidelity is required for many assets.

Level Design (inc. Lead LD):
From greybox to final execution, level designers are required to bring the world of New Gloria to life. Experience designing competitive and cooperative environments is highly desirable, and a real passion for designing and creating exciting new encounters, and scripted moments in these locations is a must.

World Design (inc. Lead WD):
New Gloria, the world that players explore in Apathy is the butter on the bread that holds this shooter sandwich. The locations and worlds players will experience are long and varied, and need to be brought to life with story and feeling at every corner.
Experience with Unreal level design tools and working closely with a level design team is highly desirable.

C++ Programmers:
We're seeking moderate to expert level C++ programmers to join the engineering team, you will be responsible for system and mechanics implementation in-engine.
UE3/4 and console experience highly desirable.

To apply, please send an email to jobs {AT} reachgamestudios {DOT} com


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To whom it may concern,

I wish to apply for a 3D animator position at Reach Game Studios in Sydney, NSW. I hold a Bachelor of Interactive Entertainment (major in animation) and eager to work in the field of CG animation and video games. I have completed a 3 month Internship with Planet 55 studios in 2D animation working together with the staff on character animation to character sheets/style guides as well as 3D modelling. Throughout this internship, I gained practical experience working in a team to produce an animation.

I have various expertise within the computer graphics (CG) field including; animation, character modelling, character rigging, character texturing and 3D compositing. I have experience using Autodesk 3Ds Max even though I predominantly use Autodesk Maya.

My cheerful and friendly nature allows me to interact with other working colleagues which I consider to be an asset to my personality.My knowledge with computer literacy is excellent and adaptable when it comes to learning new software. I am very observant and confident when it comes to problem solving and an active listener. I am able to prioritize my time efficiently and meet strict deadlines as well as being punctual, organised, and being multitask. I also have a drivers licence and a car, so travelling to work would not be an issue. Thank you for this opportunity in applying for this position and I look forward to hear from you soon.

2014 animation show reel;

Yours sincerely,

Ben Crestani