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Gameplay Programmer • Optimisation Specialist

Job Position

Scarlet City Studios is a game Studio based in Kingsland, Auckland. We believe in the power of games to create immersive and effective learning experiences that can bring about positive behaviour, and as such we design and build educational games for children. We have a passion for education and for children to be encouraged to make a positive impact on their local communities and environments. Our studio is owned by a Christian Trust whose vision is to create game based resources that open up the story of the bible in fun and engaging ways for 21st century kids. You don't need to be a Christian to work with us, just passionate about gaming and supportive of our vision.

We're building a children's multiplayer adventure game based on the storyline of the Bible and we are looking for another developer to join our team. We have built our game client over the last 18 months and our next milestone is to get the iPad version of the game working.

The kind of person we are looking for loves to optimise things so that they run smoothly and efficiently on all target platforms. Ideally you would have experience in optimising games for tablets (in particular iPad), but optimisation for any mobile device would also be relevant. In addition, we would expect that you would also play a role in adding more 'developer firepower' to our team. We are looking for someone with a proven track record of game programming, especially in Unity3D and C#. Sorry recent graduates, this is unlikely to be a role for you!

  • Lots of experience in memory/processing optimisation of Unity3D-based games running on low-end tablets (think iPad 2nd gen)
  • Strong coding skills, including the ability to design and write good code that others can use and understand
  • A good understanding of object oriented design and maintainable code principles
  • An understanding of Gameplay programming
  • A passion for quality and an intuitive understanding of smooth and positive player experience

You will be reporting directly to the Technical Lead, and working in a team of 6 developers.

In other news, our offices are bright, fun, and open plan. We have a great team atmosphere here, with a team lunch once a week, Nerf battles, and the usual studio banter. Our studio is a great place to work, with a full team of 20. We have a great culture and aim for high levels of collaboration and having fun together.

Please note if you make the short list we may require you to take a technical test to determine your suitability for the role.