Senior Designer: Help create new IP!

Job Position: 

Discovery, exploration and player driven world building. These elements, along with a good pinch of experimentation, guide our expert team to craft fresh takes on the hero’s journey. Our new Senior Designer will work together with the design team to develop and create content for BRAND NEW IP that brings our game world to life. If this sounds exciting, we want to hear from you!

Key Accountabilities
Create clear and concise, visually oriented design materials that explain mechanics, systems and features.
Drive feature teams by creating user stories and goals for them to meet, and guiding them to completion.
Develop and communicate level/world designs through visually-oriented designs and verbal presentations.
Work with the Art Team to evolve the games spaces to meet each disciplines’ goals and deadlines.
Implement gameplay and game structure, and work with the Programming Team to deliver content that meet each disciplines’ goals and deadlines.
Help assess the progress, quality and user friendliness of the project via methods such as usability testing, focus tests and in-house play tests.
Create proposals on how to change or evolve all aspects of the game to maximize potential and eliminate issues.
Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned.

Excellent communication, leadership, and teamwork skills
Minimum 3-5 years industry experience as a designer

Tertiary qualifications in a discipline relevant to the position.
Shipped one title for a major platform.
Intermediate experience with level editing tools (Unity 3D) and scripting

Company About
Defiant is an award winning studio committed to finding homes for the best talent to make world class games. Recent projects include PC and console releases of the Hand of Fate series, Hand of Fate: Ordeals board game, mobile titles and more.

Apply via form linked below.
Applications close June 30, 2019.