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Unity Programmer - Playcorp Studios

Job Position

Unity Programmer - Playcorp Studios

We’re looking for an experienced Unity (C#) developer to work on The Cosmos is MINE! This is a full time on-site role in Melbourne CBD. You’ll be a Unity developer that’s part of our small but growing team. You’ll be expected to wear many hats, working together with other team members to make sure that we’re doing the right things and meeting our responsibilities to our players. You’ll be expected to take ownership of certain parts of the game architecture, as we’ll be relying on you to make decisions about *how* we should build our game. Communication is essential. Job ads say that a lot, but to be clear, we expect critical feedback where it is deserved, and expect staff to be able to deal with it constructively when it’s received.

Also, we’re making a strategy game – the person we’re looking for will have experience working on and playing strategy games.

Apply only if you have the following:
-Published commercial projects and examples of work.
-Experience with Unity3D.
-Very strong C# skills.
-A love of programming.

These will get you the job. We’ll probably drill you on these during the interview.
-A positive attitude.
-Good communication.
-Network programming experience.
-Understanding of low level systems programming.
-Experience in game design.
-An understanding of competitive strategy games.
-Strong math skills.

If you’re the person we’re looking for, email with a bit of info about yourself and a short CV with your work history.