Contract Character Animator - Real Serious Games

Job Position: 

RSG are in need of a Character animator to create/clean up approximately 50 small animation loops/clips for an upcoming VR project.

We have blocked out the base animation for our scenes, saved in 3DSMAX biped.
The animation will require creating and refining up to 50 small animation loops such as simple movements like gestures, picking up items and using equipment.

All animations are individually saved in their own 3dsmax files.
Placement, blending, and final timing will all be done in a game engine.

Example animation descriptions:
* walking with a cup of coffee.
* leaned up against a pole, talking on the phone.
* holds a hand up to his mouth, holding coffee in other.
* chopping vegetables

The project needs to be completed by 07 June 2018.

Please send all applications with a link to show reel showing character animation to