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Technical Lead (childrens mobile games)

Job Position

Key Points:
Job Position: Technical Lead (with Project Management)
Start Date: Available Now
Capacity: Full-time

About us:
Diversionary Therapy Technologies (DTT) develops a handheld system called "ditto" that provides Diversionary Therapy treatment to children in hospital. Diversionary Therapy is a therapy for a patient that immerses and keeps them engaged in the form of education and entertainment. To make hospital procedures and the anxiety that leads up to hospital procedures less daunting. The content DTT develops is child-oriented with a target audience of children aged 3 to early teens. And titles developed include stories and games which are rich with animations for storytelling and gameplay events.
For more details about DTT, see our website at:

DTT is seeking a Technical Lead with Project Management skills to take ownership of the "ditto" diversionary therapy products and discover exciting ways to grow the products. To share the passion and make key decisions with the senior staff. And to manage projects to establish pipelines, schedules and develop the mobile games technology upon the products.

This position is available at our Brisbane office in Toowong and would be provided on a Full-time basis.

Job Skills:
Key skills include -
• Tablet Platforms & Mobile Games Product Knowledge - DTT develops a full Diversionary Therapy Solution in-house with a product-line of tablet technologies that run a common library of therapy content built upon mobile-game technology. It will be important to have a good understanding of these products to be able to make key decisions.
• Hardware & Software Technical Development - Likewise, it will be important to be able to manage development projects of these products. From design to realisation, QA and release, and working on developments as well as collaborating with teams both internal and external.
• Excellent Communication & Analysis skills - Champion ideas and project details between senior staff and development teams. And generate project documentation for initial and on-going analysis, such as; Product Proposals, Product Risk Assessments, Product Roadmaps, Product Backlogs (Requirements Specifications), High-Level Product Architectures (Design Documents), Product Development and QA Pipelines, Iterative/Sprint Project schedules/backlogs/burndown-charts.
• iOS apps & iTunes store development
• Android Apps & Google play store development
• Experience working with Android-based systems
• Creative skills with Animation & Video Editing

Preferred skills include -
• Experience and Passion in Similar Fields - Someone with a keen interest and eye to innovate within Childrens' Entertainment or specifically Diversionary Therapy Fields
• Experience and Passion for Similar Products - Someone with a keen interest and eye to innovate in Tablets and Mobile-Games technologies and Childrens' Medical Products
• Experience with Similar Projects and Pipelines - Someone who has had experience with Original Tablet Platform Manufacture and Mobile-Games Development as well as Online Services Development
• Experience with Marketing and Distribution of Similar Products - Someone who has had experience with Marketing, Distribution and Customer Service for similar products
• Experience with Data and Reporting Services - Such as CRMs for customer and asset tracking and reporting

To apply, please send applications with the subject “Job enquiry: Technical Lead” to Mark at –
Applications must consist of a Cover Letter and CV, or they will not be considered. And please provide access to examples of previous work where possible. The Cover Letter must include:
• Recent experience relating to the position
• Your skill set and how it will be of value to the position
• And why you believe you will be a good fit for the role

Thanks for your interest!