Experienced Front-End Web Developer (three.js, PlayCanvas)

Job Position: 
Application Deadline Date: 
Friday, 15 May 2020 - 6:00pm

We're looking for an experienced front-end web developer to join our team (based in Sydney, but all working remote now!).

The role is full-time on a 3-month contract, with the possibility for extension.

Over the next few months, we are working on several Very Cool™ projects, and we’re looking for a developer who knows their way around interactive web apps to help us deliver all of them.

- Demonstrated experience creating modern web apps with React, Vue, Angular, or your own popular framework of choice.
- Demonstrated experience creating interactive web projects with three.js, PlayCanvas, or similar (please include links).
- A commitment to working in a professional, inclusive, and supportive environment.
- Solid CSS / SASS / LESS skills.
- In-depth understanding of and experience with web optimisation and responsive design.
- Strong team focus and highly competent problem-solving skills.
- Experience with Git version control.
- A passion for games.

- Backend development experience (especially node.js)
- Cloud resource set up and management experience (especially AWS).
- Experience with OpenGL / GLSL shader programming.
- Experience with agile development and code review.

‍Please include samples of your work that we can play or watch.

If this role and a future at Chaos Theory sounds good to you, please introduce yourself with your portfolio at jobs@chaostheory.games

We are striving to create an open and inclusive workplace culture, and encourage all eligible candidates to apply.