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Build Engineer - FMOD Studio

Job Position
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We are seeking a Build Engineer to maintain and improve the build/test/release infrastructure for our adaptive audio engine: FMOD Studio. We’re a small team that’s been providing audio tools for game developers all over the world, on all platforms you can think of, for nearly 20 years. Join us and you can play a critical role in supporting the FMOD Studio team to enable great audio.

In this role, you will:
Manage our build, test and release systems that turn source code into tested, packaged products on our website. (Jenkins).
Maintain development toolchains for many disparate platforms (desktop, mobile, game consoles) on Windows, Mac and Linux.
Maintain and extend the systems that tie all this together (Python, shell scripts, batch files etc.)
Provision and administer both the hardware and the software that all of this runs on (Windows, Mac, Linux).
Work with our Developers to resolve build/test issues, add new functionality and keep the whole pipeline running smoothly.

What we are looking for:
A passion for automation and process improvement.
An all-rounder who’s comfortable working with different operating systems and environments.
Strong knowledge of Python and other scripting languages.
Solid experience with Jenkins.
Experience with Perforce or other source control (Git / SVN).
3+ years relevant industry experience.
Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen.

Additional skills that will help you stand out:
Working knowledge of C/C++, C#, Javascript, Perl.
Experience with Docker/Virtualization.
Strong writing, documentation, and communication skills.
Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or equivalent.
Familiarity with game development tools (Unity, UE4 etc.) and processes.

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