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Start the new year in a great space! Join other film, tv, games, comedy, communications, publicity, illustration, graphic design and arts businesses in this great creative hub in the center of Fitzroy's cafe district.

Offices available are spaces perfect for Editors, Games creators and Animators.

Share facilities including internet, photocopier, scanner, fax, printer etc. Offices from $120 per week including overheads. To inspect contact Melanie Coombs on

First in Best Dressed! (best to secure your space in early December, so you can be in before holidays kick in!)


An international project has launched to advise game developers on how to open up their audience to the up to 20% of gamers with disabilities.

It's an area that the Australasian games industry has a strong reputation for, including Film Victoria's world leading funding and education work and Team Bondi's reknowned accessibility features in LA Noire.

The website offers all developers guidelines on how to better serve the needs of gamers with a range of visual, hearing, speech, learning and motor conditions. The hope is that by highlighting the relatively simple changes needed, the games industry as a whole will be able to ensure that they quickly become part of its normal working practices.

Press release:…

Guidelines website:



This EOI invites digital production companies, interaction designers, content curators and producers to prepare content development submissions that address the key objectives and purpose of the TRI digital wall.

TRI’s digital wall will be a landmark feature of entry passage to TRI. It will create a welcoming and impactful entry/exit experience for all internal and external stakeholder audiences.

TRI’s digital wall, in all its manifestations, will become a reference point across the fields of science, medical research, health, design, technology and creative.

It will exist as an evolving and engaging communication and engagement touch point. Importantly, it will connect, engender, encourage and inspire, and draw enquiry and collaboration from TRI's stakeholder audiences, who will typically refer to it on a daily basis.

The digital wall will be a large-scale interactive digital visualisation device that provides a number of media presentation methods including the streaming of real time data from TRI in visualisation or infographic form.


Last year at the 2011 Game Developer Conference, Game Audio Australia's Mick Gordon tried something quite unusual. He approached fellow conference attendees to make any sound they wished into a microphone which he recorded. Some grunted, whilst others moaned or screamed. These sounds were collected and used to create a track called "Voices of Devs" which is unlike any heard before. Every sound in the song is created from human voices...

(Mick Gordon) Absolutely everything you hear in this track was made by manipulating these recordings using various sound design techniques. Every drum, lead, chord and effect was, at one point in time, a recording of somebody making noises with their mouth at GDC San Francisco 2011. No other samples, synths, instruments or recordings were used in this track. Whatsoever.

For the more musically inclined, Mick used a combination of Adobe Audition 3.1, FL Studio 10, Melodyne, Reaktor, Kontakt, PaulStretch, and stacks of plugins. A technical explanation on how Mick approached the creation of this track is explained over at his blog at

The song is also available for purchase from Bandcamp (for just $1), iTunes and Android Marketplace, and can be listened to on Spotify.


So, a guy named Adam posted his friend's latest Starcraft fan-art work onto social news website, Reddit, as well as Kotaku, and it seems a whole lot of fresh new eyes are checking out some of the incredible 3D work by this talented Brisbane-based artist, Mike Andrew Nash.

Adam has weighed in on how much he is in awe of Mike's effort on this latest piece...

What made this piece so impressive for me was that he managed to achieve a level of detail and polish that you usually only see from film studios. Talking with him about it, this piece was a real feat of endurance for him. Just rendering each frame took around 7 hours on his very powerful computer. All the details you see--the scratches, dust, trim, rivets, wires etc.--were painstakingly modeled and textured over countless hours. As a fellow CG artist, seeing a work like this is both inspiring and frankly, rather intimidating.

When I checked out Mike's gallery, it looked awfully familiar - I was certain I had seen this stuff before. A quick search on tsumea led to Mike's post in our forum a year ago where he was promoting his work and putting himself up for any freelance work. He's done some phenomenally awesome work and he's certainly a talented chap, and I'm sure he's probably getting a whole lot interest since this explosion of exposure, but if you're after an extraordinarily talented modeller/texture artist for some work, check his gallery out...

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 18/05/11 - 2:28 PM Permalink

Awesome, really curious to know where you manage to source these from. I have just purchased a Blizzard 1260 for my old Amiga 1200, and have been trying to find a nice repository of Amiga Demos.

Submitted by souri on Wed, 18/05/11 - 5:17 PM Permalink

They were submitted by someone called Cycle who saw our archive and wanted to contribute. I really do appreciate demo submissions of stuff we don't already have as you can imagine, Australian made Amiga demos are fairly obscure things.

Amiga demos, in general, however are not as obscure. Do a search for Amiga demo and you'll come with websites with huge archives of the more popular Amiga demos from other places around the world.

We have some new additions to our Australian Amiga Demo Scene archive! We've been looking for a fair few of these missing demos, so big thanks to 'Cycle' for contributing them to the list! A few of the demos are from Perth groups (Chrome, Paralax, Exceed, Toons) which I haven't heard of before, so it's always great to check out stuff I've missed out on from back then.

The new additions are:

BlipVerts #5 - Decay
Elle slideshow - Digital Access
DA Party 1992 - Digital Access
Colin Carpenter - Unemployment Benefits - Exceed
Colin Carpenter - Word Association - Exceed
Colin Carpenter - Blind Date - Toons
Colin Carpenter - Gate Crasher - Toons
Colin Carpenter - The Psychiatrist - Toons
Glitch - Mystix
Elle Macpherson - Paralax
Utopia#1 - The Phobia
LCD Dreams - Solstice

If you were big into the Amiga demo scene back in the early to mid 90's, you can grab all the demos above and much more at our Australian Amiga Demo Scene archive here!

A reminder also that Flashback 2011, Sydney Australia's demoscene event, begins on Saturday, 11th of June. Click here for the details about that event!

Submitted by Sabre070 on Wed, 07/10/09 - 4:32 PM Permalink

You don't have to be bias to say that!

So are you planing to get it on free to air TV? Or having an internet show?


Also, too bad you're in Brisbane. I would apply otherwise. :P

Submitted by Yug on Wed, 07/10/09 - 12:15 PM Permalink

Entertainment and Information for a gaming and gaming interested audience.

I'd like to think the trailer mainly show's how much we listened to alot of the feedback we received from the original pilot, and have address as much as possible :)

Submitted by Bittman on Wed, 07/10/09 - 9:56 PM Permalink

Looks far better than the previous preview-episode. Thought there was too much Yahtzee in the first one, and though he's a bit more popular than you Yug (no offence) I felt he was overhighlighted (not a word).

Looks like a better mix with this trailer. Also looks like you've done a good bit of traveling and focused a bit on the banter between one another.

Top Gear of gaming is a good slogan. If you can manage to get the chemistry they have with one another I'd look forward to it. For reference: I hated cars, I watched Top Gear and I am now at least aware of the fun in cars and driving.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 08/10/09 - 1:42 PM Permalink

The guy in Top Gear is scathing but charming and entertaining. Yahtzee is just a sook. But I agree you don't need to like cars to enjoy Top Gear.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 08/10/09 - 3:14 PM Permalink

...and is being used by the Australian Gamer guys to boost their own audience which would never have been as high otherwise. With good reason.

Submitted by Sabre070 on Thu, 08/10/09 - 3:18 PM Permalink

He is a known figure in game reviewing.

I don't know if that was supposed to be negative to the "Australian Gamer guys" but it is obvious that if you have interest from two different sources then you're going to have more audience.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Fri, 09/10/09 - 7:08 PM Permalink

Having met him on a couple occasions now, Yahtzee has a different personality when doing his show to real life. He's almost the opposite of his onscreen persona.

His normal personality came through a lot more in that show.

It's been a long wait since the last one, but it's here! Just got the word from Yug that the guys have made a new trailer for the next installment of GameDamage, and you know what? It's lookin great! Just by the sneak peak that the trailer provided, it looks like they've covered a whole variety of things in very interesting ways...

Very much looking forward to seeing the full show!

Australian produced videogame television show “GameDamage” have released a new trailer for their upcoming series onto their website

Starring three local Aussies including Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw (Zero Punctuation), Yug and Matt (, audience feedback has described the show as “The Top Gear of Gaming”.

The original pilot was viewed by over a quarter of a million people in just 5 days when it premiered on YouTube late last year.

GameDamage is currently being showcased at the MIPCOM conference in Cannes, France, where they will be finalising international distribution deals to get GameDamage seen in as many countries as possible!

For more information you can view the trailer at

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Wed, 16/09/09 - 2:13 PM Permalink

Just a Valve rep in general I'd say. Get your smooth talking on people in Brisbane...or perhaps email Gabe also =P

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 17/09/09 - 4:20 PM Permalink

Maybe he can bring me a bootleg copy of Left 4 Dead 2 which has just been refused classification here in Australia.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 17/09/09 - 8:55 PM Permalink

Not unless you're going to do something about our retarded classification laws!

A short while ago, a 19 year old Brisbane modder named Joe emailed Gabe Newell and jokingly asked the renowned Valve CEO why he hasn't been flown to the Valve studios yet. It was a response to the recent news that Valve had flown in the the chief organisers of the Left 4 Dead 2 boycott petition/campaign to come and see the game for themselves. Joe had claimed he was working on a campaign also for Left 4 Dead 1.

Gabe Newell responded and argued that they were boycotting his campaign, and the conversation turned somehow into Joe needing to fly Gabe and Erik Johnson (also from Valve) to Brisbane instead. A donation fund was organised, with some employees from Valve themselves putting some cash into the litter...

This is Robin Walker, from Valve. The rest of us at Valve would sure appreciate a couple of days without Erik around, so thanks for organising this!

Quick question though: if I donated more, would you buy a one-way ticket for him?


Surprisingly, Joe has managed to secure enough donations for a return flight for both Gabe and Erik, with the guys from Valve planning to come down all the way from the states (a 25 hour plane flight, I believe) to play some modders level in Brisbane. Nice!

Now, I reckon this is THE perfect chance for the GDAA to try and nab Gabe and Eric for a talk at Game Connect: Asia Pacific 2009 to be held in Melbourne later this year. Whaddya reckon?!

Submitted by souri on Wed, 03/06/09 - 4:21 PM Permalink

Thanks for posting about the project, it's interesting to check out the prototype (particularly since I'm a fan of Unity 3D as well). Keep up the great work! Any reason why the player goes through the North West walls?


I would like to present the first demo build for the Tower City game play prototype. I do stress this is a work in progress. We still have many months ahead of us to make this prototype demo awesome.

You can download the demo from here!

We're just 1 month into production into the project, and being an online based team things can take time to come together. But what we can present is the beginnings of our prototype demo.

This build showcases a few simple but very important things:

- Player Control: Our gameplay programmer has implemented the first iteration of a mouse based movement control. And the ability to switch characters by pressing the 'tab' button.

- Camera design: We've implemented a fixed isometric camera that follows the selected player character.

- NPC pathfinding: Our Enemy & A.I. programmer has implemented a first iteration of path finding. We have both static and patrolling monsters that inhabit the level and will engage and follow the player if they get to close. We haven't implemented a health system yet so they can't attack you, and you can't attack them.

- Greybox implementation: While it might look simplistic and minimal. The character and environment artists have been hard at work creating a number of clean tile sets to allow for a modular construction of the level.

So while our demo is a bit buggy and isn't greatly entertaining at the moment it does showcase the progress we've made as a team to work from written design documents to create art assets and play systems.

Tune in next month as we'll be showcasing two usable weapon types, two enemy monster types and perhaps even some character abilities as well as updated art and a GUI interface.

Image: A screenshot of the current demo space from the editor.

Thanks for playing!

Chris Watts

Submitted by Bittman on Thu, 05/03/09 - 4:32 PM Permalink

Unexpectedly hilarious, I'll need to watch it many times to get everything out of it.

I'll also look over the other submissions later I guess. I mean, if that's any indication of the quality there should be some gems in there.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 05/03/09 - 5:42 PM Permalink

the whole slow-mo matrix fight thing is getting a bit old... a decade old. and it just dragged that one "gag" out for the entire thing

not engaging at all really. they could have done so much more with the same content in the same time frame. the whole "they do everything faster" setup could have been exploited waaay more. instead of a 4min matrix joke

Submitted by souri on Fri, 06/03/09 - 1:02 AM Permalink

C'mon, you didn't find it at all humorous? Tough crowd! :)

The animation really is extraordinary too. The way those shrews moved in the beginning with their random twitches and inquisitive actions look so lifelike.

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Submitted by Bittman on Sat, 07/03/09 - 11:58 AM Permalink

So slow-mo combat = matrix nowdays? In that case every game is a rip-off of Pong, since they did it first. Why not complain they made it look like a nature documentary with a English voice? BBC did that first too and it's well beyond a decade old.

I'm with Souri though, the joke is only part of the great animation. I've watched it 5 times and I get a little something extra each time, that's what makes a great animation.

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Submitted by abe2mir on Sun, 08/03/09 - 1:48 PM Permalink

I agree, this is a brilliant piece! life-like animations, great camera angles, and the humor just adds to it even more.

In reply to by Anonymous (not verified)

Ok, I couldn't resist posting about this animation. It's absolutely brilliant and hilarious too!

In an exciting wildlife show exposé, the mating rituals of Water Shrews are revealed to be more than just a quick scuffle.

"Our Wonderful Nature" took out the Jury choice for the aniBoom awards in late 2008.

If you have a few hours to spare, do check out that aniBoom site, there's some amazing animation to be seen there! The actual winner of the 2008 aniBoom awards is "Bang Bang, You Are Bread" which I think was made by an Australian.

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