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I'm a level/lighting artist with a background in real-time 3D environment art. I have been working in the games industry since 2017. The worlds in which stories take place always excite me more than the narrative itself, which in turn drives my passion for bringing real-time spaces to life through the art of environmental storytelling.

My experience as a level artist involves greybox construction, level management, set dressing and lighting work. I can breath life into any environment, while keeping tri-count within limit, draw calls under control, and the lighting setup optimal.

As a lighting artist I have experience in multiple lighting solutions, including baked, fully dynamic and hybrid lighting setups.

My experience as an environment artist involves creating various environment assets, including generic props, modular kits and complex hero models. I can take any asset all the way from blockout to its textured, engine-ready state. I can plan for an asset to be as light-weight as needed for its purpose within the environment, while sacrificing as little visual fidelity as possible.

As far as the tools are concerned:
>I use 3DS Max, Blender or Maya for 3D asset authoring.
>I use ZBrush for high-resolution 3D sculpting.
>I use Substance Designer for material authoring, heightmaps and utility textures.
>I use Substance Painter and Photoshop for PBR or stylised texturing.
>Most of my engine experience is with Unreal Engine, but I have also worked with proprietary engines and Unity.
>Additional environment tools that I frequently like to use are SpeedTree for foliage and World Machine for natural terrains.