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Senior Character Artist

As a Senior Character Artist, you will develop art content for characters and contribute quality art to the game. You will collaborate with leads, concept artists and designers to ensure art supports the overall...

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Wargaming Sydney is seeking a physics programmer to join our studio. We are looking for someone with experience, who has the ability to work in a fast-moving environment and adapt to working with different technology stacks as required. Previous...

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Wargaming Sydney is seeking a gameplay programmer to join our studio. We are looking for someone with experience and passion, who is willing and able to dive into all aspects of gameplay development ranging from player input mechanics to AI...

Wargaming Sydney's picture Wargaming Sydney

Wargaming Sydney is seeking a passionate Lead Game Designer to join our professional team and deliver fresh experiences for players. Our projects offer development challenges across a wide spectrum, presenting unique opportunities for developers...

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Wargaming Sydney is looking for a DevOps/Build Automation Engineer to join our DevOps team. We are a friendly team that likes to work closely with developers to make great games and tech. Our team likes to share knowledge, so you can expect to be...

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The Role:
Mode is seeking an Animator to work with us to work on an upcoming game title and to help us to create amazing games for mobile and desktop platforms. The animator must have a modest level of experience and be able to demonstrate...

Immersive Techn...

We’re seeking talented software developers to expand our dynamic team and enable us to work on even more exciting new projects. If you have a passion for learning, love solving problems and write excellent code then Immersive could be the place...

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Wargaming Sydney is seeking an experienced UI programmer to join our fun, talented and multinational team.

Main Responsibilities
Your primary responsibility will be implementing in-game user interface and menus as well as developing...

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  • Australian Video Game Development Survey

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    Australian Game Developers – we need your help. IGEA and the GDAA need to get an updated picture on the size of the Australian game development industry for our lobbying and advocacy work at both a State and Federal level. We ask that you complete this survey https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/R6GKBJ6 by 6 September 2016. Rest assured, individual...

  • A New Year, A New Look!

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    Check out our new website at bunbun.com.au!

  • Defect Early Access!

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    As lowly captain on a dead-end planet, you must build a ship, complete a mission and wave it goodbye when your crew defect to the other side. Then design a new ship to hunt down those mutinous traitors in an endless cycle of punishment and revenge. Don't make that new design too good though, because odds are you'll be fighting it pretty soon....

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    3D artist focusing on environments / assets, both in Architectural Projects (Arch Viz) and Games. I work as 3D Generalist, but I have already produced some academic games, acting as production / development coordinator and 3D modeler.

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    Hello! I’m Daum Park, a game designer delivering games that distill human imaginations and playful interactions.

    Working towards crafting meaningful games that celebrate human imagination.

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    I'm an Australian illustrator/Concept artist. Currently open for work.

    Contact at sean@seanwallaceart.com

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    I have a passion for games like many people on this site, but what sets me apart is my qualification as a project management professional (PMP) in addition to my degree in Computer Science. I excel at working with technical people to achieve results through smart scheduling and...

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    3D Artist with interests in asset creation, environment design and sometimes dabbling with animation. Finished a Game Design course and wish to now get out into the field!
    Please contact me if you would like to get in touch!

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  • Studying Game Art and Animation at AIE via online delivery while doing freelance work as a website designer / developer ( working in this industry for last 11 years)

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    Creator of the Swords and Sandals game series and veteran game designer of over 200 games.