Engine/Network Programmer at League of Geeks

Engine/Network Programmer

We, the fine folk here at League of Geeks, are looking for an engineer that can bring our players together from all across the world. Someone with serious technical chops to bring our multiplayer in Armello to...

Lead Artist / Art Director - Mode Games

We are seeking a Lead Artist / Art Director to create and direct artwork for the development of mobile and desktop games. The artist must have experience with creating 2D and 3D content for Unity 3D with a focus on production of high quality and...

UI Designer / UX Expert

Wanted - UI Designer / UX Expert.

Ascent ( has recently been released on Steam Early Access, after just under two years of one full time...

Penguin Splat Released!

Demonstrating Chaos Theory using a Double Pendulum

Experienced C# Gameplay Programmer (Monogame)

We are looking for an experienced C# Gameplay Programmer who has made something previously with Monogame to develop Gameplay for an upcoming mobile game.

Excellent C# knowledge.
Monogame Experience.

Mid level to Senior game programmer (Unity)

Mid level to Senior game programmer (Unity).

2and2, the company behind ABC Zoom, Halflife Hero and RAC Wheels are looking for an experienced game programmer to help create their next generation of games.

We're after someone who...

Experienced 3D Artist for Not Doppler

Not Doppler, a Sydney-based web and mobile game publisher is seeking an experienced 3D artist for their in-house game studio.

Originally starting as a web games portal; Not Doppler has since expanded into mobile, publishing games that have...

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  • English Editor for Computer Game Projects

    Andovar is seeking native English-speaking gaming enthusiasts for a wide variety of game genres. Your job is to polish our translated gaming text into a form that will appeal to US audiences.

    Andovar helps companies from around the world to bring their games into the English-language market. You should be a gaming veteran in multiple...

  • Clear For Action

    Hello from Agnes Water, Queensland,

    I recently released a game called Clear For Action, which I developed solo. It was developed with Cocos2D-x. Description to follow:

    Captain Redbeard is a pirate down on his luck. With his ship repossessed by his own sister and not a piece of gold to his name what is an ‘honest’ pirate to do?...

  • Composer / Producer / Guitarist - Available

    Hello, I'm Ernest Soler, a Composer, Producer, and Session Guitarist from Barcelona, Spain.

    Here's a little resume/introduction, for if you ever need someone of my profile for any job, or to collaborate in any project..

    I have a home studio, so I can work remotely as a Composer, Producer or Session Guitarist.

    I offer the...

  • Competition for a game. Free entry, $10k prizepool, legal?

    Hi guys,

    We are thinking about promoting a competition to help launch our mobile game.
    The prizepool will be ~$10,000 USD and it will be free to enter.
    It will be available worldwide and the winner will be paid through PayPal.

    The winners will be decided based on skill - how well they score in our game.
    We will...