The Incident by Big Bucket Software

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It's always a great delight to discover great Apple Appstore games that turn out to have been locally developed. The Incident is one such title, a collaborated effort by Perth-based Big Bucket Software and an artist based in the U.S...

Big Bucket is a small software house based in Perth, Australia. It was formed with an aim to create small and easy-to-use Mac OS X applications.

The Incident is the work of Matt Comi from Perth who took care of the programming side of development, while the 8-bit pixel artwork was created by Neven Mrgan in the U.S. The team first began collaborating during the launch of the first iPhone iteration, when Matt needed someone who actually had a unit to test one of his apps. Unfortunately, iPhone hardware weren't shipped to Australia until almost a year after the initial U.S launch. Since then, Matt pitched an idea for the duo to work on, and the two teamed up for The Incident.

The Incident, released only last month, has achieved a great level of success from critics and reviewers for it's unique take in the physics / action genre, but it was only five days after launch that Matt decided to resign from his job and make Big Bucket Software full-time development a reality. An update with extra features for The Incident was approved just over a week ago. Grab The Incident now at the Appstore for $2.49!