The Mana Bar opens February 2010

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The Mana Bar - Australia's FIRST Video Game Bar
420 Brunswick Street
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006
+61 417 084 821

The ‘Mana Bar’ is the first licensed venue in Brisbane, Australia opening in February 2010 that will allow people to enjoy a drink while playing the latest video game systems. Located in the heart of Brisbane’s entertainment district – Fortitude Valley – the Mana Bar will feature a stylish geek chic interior design with multiple LCD screens attached to the walls with playable next-gen console systems. The venue will be accessible to a wider casual market, while still catering to the hardcore gamer crowd.

Entry to the venue will be free, with no charge to play the games. The Mana Bar has a 50 person maximum capacity, and will host many special events such as game release parties, guitar hero tournaments, trivia nights, launch events, and many more.

The Mana Bar is the creation of 4 Brisbane locals – Guy ‘Yug’ Blomberg, Ben ‘Yahtzee’ Croshaw, Pras Moorthy, and Shay Leighton.

For more information, please keep an eye on the Mana Bar website at


Yug's picture

Well of course I'M going to like it :)

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The best of luck to you with this, it certainly sounds interesting.

I do worry for you in terms of the business model with what sounds like a low capacity and high costs involved in maintaining the location, but I will certainly come have a look next time I am in Fortitude Valley!

Anonymous's picture

That's what I'm curious about too. Seems very risky with an unclear target market. It's okay to say "The target market is people who want to go out into town for a few drinks and play some games with their friends!" but... is that a big market?

Yug's picture

It is risky, frankly it's a worry no-one has really done anything specifically like this before.

I do believe it is a big market, especially in Fortitude Valley. Plus the potential for events and special nights is almost limitless, so there will always be a 'reason' to go to the Mana Bar, which is a plus.

The capacity has been something that's worried us from the start, but frankly I think it works out well - it's our own money and time we're sinking into this venture, and we didn't have millions to fully renovate a 500 person capacity venue.

If things go well, if it's packed every night, then we might start looking at other options.

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Business is all about risk dude, so congrats on opening it up and best of luck to you all!

NathanRunge's picture

Huzzah! If all goes to plan it might well open while I still live in the area then. Looking forward to it Yug and hope it works out well for you.

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But Atkinson keeps telling us that video games are for kids, why are you encouraging underage drinking?!?!?!?

Is Atkinson lying to us?

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It's an interesting idea so best of luck with it. When I am next working in Brisbane I will definitely check it out.

I guess you will probably do well with the trivia nights and game release parties, so it will be interesting to see what % of the people coming in during the other days are there for the games or just there to drink.

I hope it's a success :)

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And I look forward to the results.

Here's hoping you see success and can expand beyond a 50 person venue, and even into other cities. For reference, I'd go to this if it was in Sydney.

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Best of luck with the new venture guys.