Farbs wins 2009 GDC China Independent Games Festival competition

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Congratulations must go to Farbs for taking out the indie game competition at the 2009 GDC China Independent Games Festival with his entry called Captain Forever. The GDC CIGF competition is only open to people in the asia pacific region, so Farbs did great by taking the top position and beating out some rather impressive looking competitors on the way. He takes with him the fantastic loot of $2,900 (US), as well as two GDC 2010 passes. Nice work, Farbs!

Imagine hijacking the International Space Station and retrofitting laser cannons. This is Captain Forever. With one hand on the keyboard you duck and weave through an endless universe of hostile star-ships. Blast an enemy's command module and its components drift into space. With a flick of the mouse you mount them onto your ship, building a dreadnought brimming with lasers or a sleek starfighter. The choice - and the ship - are yours, Captain.

You can find all about Captain Forever as well as supporting its development by purchasing a copy at http://www.captainforever.com


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Rock on, Farbs.

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Nice work Farbs. And the game looks quite interesting. I haven't seen the quality of the other games in the comp but Captain Forevers' gameplay looks quite unique.

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Just would like to mention that Farbs is speaking at a session at Came Connect: Asia Pacific 2009 called:

Pants off! My Journey to Indiehood - Farbs (Monday 11am - 12pm, December 8)

Team Bondi have an interesting session alongside that however, so I'm undecided to which one I'll be attending.