About tsumea

tsumea was opened in 2002 as an Australian and New Zealand games industry website which was at the time unique for its focus on local industry news, interviews, jobs, competitions, and information on games developers and their games. It also provided local talent with a place to show off their work to the local games development industry.

In 2013, tsumea changed to focus more towards games developers, creative talent, and jobs. Work was spent on making tsumea more social and allowing members to establish their 'games development' profile on the site. While members have always been able to upload their work to their own journals, they're also able to create game pages and game development logs, and allow themselves and others to list those games on their profile pages as work they've contributed to.

Who is this site made for, and what would they use it for?

1: Games developers (of all experience levels and all skillsets, from artists, to programmers and musicians, in Australia and New Zealand. We do, however, welcome international guests as well). This is a great place to show off your work, get inspired by others, find jobs, or to collaborate and communicate with like minded people on making games!
2. Games companies. You can get listed, post your job ads for no cost, and look up the work and talent listed on tsumea to fill out your team. Just register an account and start posting jobs and contacting talent right away.

Registering a New Account on tsumea

Due to the huge amount of bots and spammers registering accounts on tsumea, we're going to have to manually create accounts for new users. If you'd like an account on tsumea, go to our contact page here and simply send us a message and we'll create an account for you.

How do I get listed as a games developer, client service, or educational institution?

Please register as a user and I will upgrade your account as a verified account of that category. Your account will be assessed briefly to ensure that you have:
- account registered using an email address from your establishment's domain
- you have at least entered a link to your website in your profile information
- you have uploaded a company/establishment logo as your user picture

Having an upgraded account means that you'll be marked as verified, you'll be listed in our listing, and your employees will be able to flag your company as their workplace.

I want to recover an account, or claim an account that's inactive

In the case you can't recover your account, or there's an account already registered but is no longer being used, please contact me through the ways below and I can assess and help recover the account for you to use.

Posting Jobs

There is no cost involved with posting job ads. If you'd like to submit a job ad, please register an account and log in first before posting. There are also some additional rules:
- Strictly no jobs from recruiters or agencies are allowed.
- It's for a paying job.

Where to contact the admin

If you don't have a registered account, you can send me a message on twitter, or Facebook. If you do have a registered account, please log in and send me a private message via my page here.