An important reminder to complete the Game Development Industry Survey

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An important reminder for those of you who have not filled out The Game Development Industry Survey to please do so as soon as possible! This includes everyone working in an Australian games development studio as well as all independent games developers, no matter how new your startup is or how much revenue you're bringing in. From the Games Developers Association of Australia...

(GDAA) As active participants in the industry it is incredibly important that you are counted. You have the same value as any other local development studio and the GDAA includes support of the indie community in all of our conversations.

So, why does this survey matter? GDAA CEO Tony Reed, GDAA president Anthony Lawrence, and GDAA vice-presidents Shainiel Deo and Ross Symons have set up an important meeting with the Federal Government next Monday and will be using this information in a push for production tax offsets which aim to bring future investment into the local industry and also an increase in public production funding which means programs like Screen Australia's All Media program get financed.

(GDAA) This data will be used to fortify our arguments and demonstrate how government intervention will grow the local industry into a globally competitive and sustainable sector. For this reason I strongly encourage those studios that have not yet participated, and those studios who have saved entries, to complete the survey as soon as you are able. This data is critical to government decisions.

Fill out the survey at this link, it should take no longer than 15 minutes. If you're concerned about confidentiality, please read our previous post on this survey.