Here's a look at World of Warplanes, running on Bigworld Tech

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It's exciting times for Sydney's Bigworld tech and their MMO middleware solution with the launch of the Global Alpha Test for the potentially huge World of Warplanes.

The free-to-play dogfight game, developed by, uses BigWorld tech to run the entire show just like's other mega-hit game, the 3 million+ player strong Guiness world of record breaking World of Tanks. The footage below is the first Alpha gameplay video of World of Warplanes, released by the developers to entice would-be top guns to join the open alpha test for some serious high-flying PvP action in a variety of different warplanes.

Alpha testers must take note of the terms and conditions of joining up, however. There's a strict no-disclosure agreement and if you're found to be breaking any of the rules (no releasing of screenshots, videos, describing of game mechanics etc) then expect to get permanently banned from both World of Warplanes and World of Tanks as well as a public outing on the World of Warplanes website!

The BigWorld MMO Technology Suite was also featured in Develop's GDC Essential Engines Guide and listed among world leading game engines such as Unreal, Unity, and CryEngine.

Bigworld social media director, Matt Daly, was at hand to tout the ability of BigWorld to take on new platforms and any front-end, and to redefine what massively multiplayer gaming means...

(Matt D) One of the biggest-font items on BigWorld’s roadmap is interoperability between BigWorld Server and the new platforms that are going to make it increasingly possible to bring more users simultaneously into an experience, re-defining the concept of ‘massive’ in gaming