What Would Molydeux? 48 hour jam in Sydney and Melbourne

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Friday, 30 March 2012 (All day) to Sunday, 1 April 2012 (All day)

When: Friday, 30th March
Melbourne: The Hub, 673 Bourke St Melbourne

"What Would Molydeux" is a 48-hour world-wide game jam inspired by the ideas of Peter Molydeux. No, not the famed British game programmer and designer, Peter Molyneux, who's notable for timed classics such as Populous, Syndicate, Theme Park, and Black & White. It's his twisted parody on twitter who's followed by 31,000+ viewers, Peter Molydeux, writer of highly thoughful gems such as...

What if sound effects were people that traveled the world searching for the right song to fall into? What if that song changed someone?


Do you know what I'm fed up with? numbers in games. Don't show me how I'm doing with a number, show me with a smile or a tear.

Exact event location details are forthcoming, but jamming shall begin at 7pm on Friday the 30th of March and go for 48 hours through Sunday evening.

Sydney Molydeux jammers - You can find all the updates at the Sydney Molydeux event page on Facebook here!
Melbourne Molydeux jammers - A Facebook event page has been set up for you too! A location (at The Hub, 673 Bourke St Melbourne) has been organised which is limited to 60 participants. Book your seat now for the small sum of $24. Extra details at IGDA Melbourne.


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I'm offering my dulcet(?) tones to devs during #molydeux game jam.

Listen for more info audioboo.fm/boos/731476-mo…

Contact me via Twitter @disco_box

Bonus to Sydney entries, I'm based in Sydney so happy to meet face to face to discuss requirements!

This is a free offer BTW.

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Here's the complete link to check it Disco_box's work... http://audioboo.fm/boos/731476-molydeux-game-jam-voiceover-offer