IGDA Melbourne: Steamed Beans

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Tuesday, 8 May 2012 (All day)

When: Tuesday 8 May 6:30 onwards, talks start around 7:30
Where: 1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

IGDA Melbourne have organised another great event for local developers with a great double header with Melbourne developers, Kumobius and Brawsome. If you're into game post-mortems and sales stats (which I have to say should include every games developer), then head on over to the 1000 Pound Bend come this 8th of May. As per usual, keep to date at the Facebook event page and put yourself on the list if you're attending!

From IGDA Melbourne..

Kumobius will share with us a post mortem for their bouncy platformer, Bean’s Quest.

Find out the about the design inspirations and goals, how it was made, what with and how long it took. Hear about the problems, including the unexpected accusations of racism, successes, failures and learning experiences, and find out what’s next for the little jumping bean.

Andrew Goulding will revise his GDC Steam talk:

One year on from winning Best Australian Game at Freeplay, Australian indie developer Brawsome transparently shares a year’s worth of net sales revenue from its first commercial game – Jolly Rover (PC/Mac). Showing, by using exact sales numbers from over 10 different distributors, how Steam accounts for the vast majority of sales, the massive impact of Steam sale periods, how Mac sales stack up (or don’t) to PC, and how the Mac App store ain’t the iOS App store. We show how casual game distributors were not worth the paperwork, and how late reviews and awards do nothing enough to boost sales. We openly discuss our relationship with Steam and show the direct impact price reductions have on sales, using actual data. And how we will avoid making same mistakes on our next title – MacGuffin’s Curse.