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Battle Group 2 - Trailer

Battle Group 2 - Trailer

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Set in the near future, a force that calls itself 'The Talon' seeks revenge for an unknown crime, stealing the latest military equipment and spreading destruction throughout the world. You are the last Battle Group tasked to stop the Talon and whatever fight they bring your way.

**Eight playable ships**
All created from the real life blueprints with the appropriate matching aircrafts and speeds relative to real life. Missile types are modelled to match each aircraft.

**New satellite strikes!**
Now you can launch devastating EMP blasts and trigger battle-changing Hyper-Time (slow-motion). Satellites strikes also allow your ships to instantly reload when you're in trouble.

**Over 30+ new campaign levels including boss battles!**
Levels are procedurally generated so they are different every time you play.

**Three new theatres of war**
Adapt your warfare strategy to fight in different environments including the Artic, the jungle and industrial arenas. Plus new night vision mode for intense nighttime battles.

**All new ultra HD graphics**
See the world rendered in incredible detail, coupled with a totally new menu system with satellite interface.

Battle Group Dev Diary 2: Immersive Story


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Battle Group Dev Diary 1: Intuitive Controls


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Battle Group Launch Trailer


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The near future. A pirate conglomeration equipped with the latest military hardware wages an unopposed war of plunder within the vital trade routes of the world. A naval force of modern warships drawn from a unified community of free nations is assembled to meet this growing threat. You are their commander.



Fight off waves of air, land and sea based opponents. A simple to use control method lets you get straight into the action.


Control the devastating power of modern naval weaponry including anti-air missiles, naval guns and jump jet interceptors.


Select from a diverse range of ship types including Patrol Boats, Guided Missile Frigates, Aircraft Carriers and more.


A reward system for exceptional performance allows you to purchase new ship classes. Gain experience in battle to unlock abilities specific to each of these.


Who are these pirates? What are their true motivations? And is everything as it seems? Uncover the sinister plot as told through the dialogue of veteran video gaming voice actor Bob Carter.


Researched and developed in consultation with actual ex-serving naval personnel.


Upcoming expansions include new ship classes, campaign missions, enemies, play modes and multiplayer.

Games Industry Veteran launches marketing agency for Independent Developers

Independent games developers have come to the realisation that, apart from trying to do as much as possible in their particular area of expertise on their games, they need to wear many additional hats in unfamiliar areas like business, marketing, and sales. It's a sad reality that most simply do not have the time or even the necessary skills needed for these crucial areas.

A games industry retrospective, by Doolwind

During some sickness timeout, Alistair Doulin (Doolwind) has written a 2011 games industry retrospective, describing what has been working and what needs to be improved this year for his Brisbane based indie start-up, Bane Games. Alistair heaps praise on the new markets and the availablility of high quality game engine tools, from Unity to UDK and CryEngine for indpendent games developers. His studio has taken specific advantage of Unity for the application's ease in muti-platform publishing...

Battle Group Announcement Trailer


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Battle Group thrusts you into modern day naval combat and puts you into the role of fleet commander. Deploy your warships and hunt down the international pirate menace that threatens the vital trade routes of the world.

Prepare for war on the high seas in Q4 2011

- Freeplay Independent Game Award finalist
- Modern day naval warfare
- Fast paced tactical/action orientated gameplay
- Unlock and select a variety of ships ranging from Patrol Boats, Guided Missile Frigates to Aircraft Carriers and mighty Battleships
- Use an extensive range of modern armaments from anti-air missiles, to large calibre naval guns and Harrier Jump jets.
- Level-ups unlock a range of powerful abilities
- Immersive storyline with professionally voice acted dialogue
- Achievements and online leaderboards
- Development input by former serving naval personnel for added authenticity
- Planned expansions feature new ship classes, levels, enemies and play modes
- Available for iPad/iPhone, Android, Mac and PC and designed to take full advantage of each platforms unique control methods.

Bane Games releases free ice-cream themed puzzle game for iPhone, Scoop Groups

Brisbane indie developers, Bane Games, have completed their second games title called Scoop Groups. Scoop Groups is an ice-cream themed action / puzzle game that was commissioned by design agency, Tin Factory Creative and developed by Bane Games for ice-cream and dessert chain, Baskin-Robbins.

Game On : In Your Face, Interface


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Panel moderated by Morgan Jaffitt.

Panelists include:
Alistair Doulin from Bane Games
Matt Ditton, ex Pandemic Aus

The game interface - what exactly is it? Is it the user interface (UI)? Is it the control system?

Nintendo's Wii, Microsoft's Kinect and Sony's Move has seen rise to a host of new UI/control. Some forms of game play are dumping the controller and UI altogether in favour of using the real world, and others are playing with augmenting the real and crafting illusion using AR technology.

So, is it all just novelty or is the game the interface (or is the interface the game)?