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Run That Town - Trailer

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Run That Town

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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Take control of any neighbourhood in Australia in this strategy game with a twist. Approve projects for your actual town - from the practical to the preposterous. Consult with the locals. Tackle incidents. Read about your exploits in the local paper. But be warned, your decisions can have a huge impact on your popularity. How long will you survive in office? Will you be showered with praise, or run out of town?

Find out with Run That Town.

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DogStar Quest Pitch - sizzle vid

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This is a sizzle vid we frantically threw together in two days as part of a funding proposal. Unfortunately, we missed out on the funding - but a positive to take from the experience is the fun we had putting this vid together. Rather than keeping it on the shelf, I thought I'd post it here. I think from here on, we'll submit one of these with every submission. It makes the application process bearable.

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Why Millipede is moving Bullistic Unleashed towards free-to-play

There's enormous pressure for smartphone games developers to move their games towards the free-to-play model in the hopes of enticing a much, much greater audience into purchasing currency or items in-game. Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride are two leading examples of titles that have enjoyed incredible success when they flipped over towards the free-to-play model from initially charging a set price.


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