Sorceror Bob Vs Doord in a Digital Draw Off

Well Matt (Sorceror Bob) and I (Doord) were chatting about art on MSN as we usually do around 4 O'clock. And we came around to rating ourselves out of ten for a modelling and 2D skills. I gave my self a 8/10 for modelling and a 4.5/10 for 2D. Were Matt said he would rate himself a little lower and model and a bit higher in 2D then myself.

Well me being an ego crazy freak (as a lot of you know) I said I would draw a image for Matt and see what he reckoned. Then I ask if he would like to be in on it and the little comp was formed.

The two of us are going to draw one character each and wish for you guy to vote on the one you like the best, few free to add and comments on the works also.

There are very few rules.

- One character.
- No background. Character need to take up 80% of the image, clothing or object(s) the character is interacting with are counted as the character. (Does that help you out Matt?)
- No character story or explanation just the drawing. A title can be added.
- Characters will be posted together on the 1st of April 9:00am EST.
- When Character are posted there are to be no names on the image, so judges do not which image is is owned by who.
- WIP are to be posted after voting. 5th of April 9:00am EST.