Krome Studios a runner up in TrueAchievements' Game of the Year awards

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Krome StudiosFull House Poker has been voted the Runner Up in’s Game of the Year in the “Best Card & Board Game” Category.

This is second annual “Game of the Year” voting, and this year over 135,000 total votes were cast by their international community in twenty categories.

Krome Studios has several up and coming games in the mobile space, including Toy Soldiers 2: Boot Camp, which is being featured on Microsoft’s Must-HaveGames promotion for Windows Phone in February.

Full House Poker has also been listed as the top selling Xbox Live Arcade title in 2011. It has sold in excess of 375,000 Units, bringing in $3.6 Million USD (at $9.66 ASP), according to


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RE: Rumours

Clear! <BZZT>

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Wait...what? I thought Krome

Wait...what? I thought Krome was officially dead. As in, closed down, no more employees there at all. How is it they are still releasing games (albeit mobile games)?

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Because games journalism has

Because games journalism has more to do with getting free games than journalism?

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Gone indie

Technically we always were indie.