Flash/AIR game programmer for short contract with long-term opportunity

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Wednesday, 14 March 2012 (All day)

I seek to contract an experienced Flash/AIR programmer to do a full evaluation of a game project in a polished proof-of-concept state. The first, guaranteed phase of the contract would be to evaluate the code and give an estimate of the time it would take for a programmer to expand on the project and add more mini-apps to the game system platform. I reckon this phase would take several full-time days or more. This may result in a second, long-term phase in which the same person would actually become the programmer who continues the project development. I reckon the second phase would involve constant part-time work for weeks or months, and might convert to full-time work in an established or new startup company.

Project Skampa is a suite of mini-apps that are played on the floor with a tech that is like a giant iPad. Its main focus is to teach kids in an entertaining way. It's a great little project, and has attracted a lot of serious attention! It's nearing the end of its Proof of Concept phase, and the Flash programmer who has worked on it so far, excellent chap that he is, might decide to move on to a whole new project, breaking all new ground. It's bugfixed and polished and ready for handoff to a licensee or new company, which would build many more apps on this platform. To help inform our would-be partners, we want to offer the results of this code evaluation.

Please contact me at matthew@fordfam.com if you are interested or have a lead on someone who is. A local would be preferred, since we do lots of user testing and it helps to see that in person. However, remote applicants would be considered. More details will be given about qualifications when you write, but in short, the programmer must have strong experience building realtime entertainment or game apps in Adobe AIR for native desktop API. Network experience with PHP, SQL, and Flash Media Server a plus and will expand the opportunity considerably.