The continuing drama for Endgame Studios' Fractured Soul

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Late last year, Melbourne developer Endgame Studios wrote about the long and troubled history behind their 2D platform shooter, Fractured Soul, and the difficulty they endured to get it onto store shelves. If you don't know the entire backstory then read their blog entry here or read our summary to fill yourselves in.

Let's just say that it's been quite a challenging seven years to get Fractured Soul released, one that's been fraught with a variety of issues. Endgame Studios ended their revealing insight into Fractured Soul's development with the news that there was light at the end of the tunnel and a Nintendo DS release was expected in late 2011 and a 3DS version for early 2012. So what's happened since? has been anticipating Fractured Soul but noticed that something was certainly amiss particularly since it disappeared off the radar for a while and then reappeared in 3D form and with a new publisher attached. They hit up Endgames Studios co-founder, Grant Davies, for an update and found out that Fractured Soul's woes didn't end with their blog from last year. From Joystick...

"We sold the distribution rights for that to N3V Games," Davies said. "Basically, what happened was, toward the end of the project when they were looking to place it with distributors, the DS market kind of fell down at that point -- the 3DS was coming out. They had a bit of trouble placing it with distributors."

Since the rights to the DS version of Fractured Soul had been sold and distribution is in limbo, Endgame Studios can't seek a new publisher or take its game back. They've decided to remake the game with entirely new 3D visuals for a release on the Nintendo 3DS platform, however the publisher for that skue has fallen through and Endgame have been left considering publishing it on their own through eShop, Nintendo's online distribution service for the 3DS.

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